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Diablo 4 All Classes: Power Ranking and Analyze | Lvl 100 Race

With the launch of Diablo 4 underway, it's time to discuss the power rankings of the classes. The recent level 100 race has provided valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each class, highlighting which ones are the best overall. While every class is capable in all content, some classes clearly outshine others. In this article, we will analyze the power rankings based on the race results and discuss the top-performing classes in Diablo 4.


Diablo 4 All Classes: Power Ranking and Analyze | Lvl 100 Race


Barbarian: The Unstoppable Force

It comes as no surprise that the Barbarian class secured first place in both softcore and hardcore modes. Barbarians excel at scaling with complete endgame builds, making them the strongest class overall.


The Whirlwind build, although nerfed, remains a fantastic choice for Barbarians. It provides massive boosts to health, movement speed, resource generation, and damage through shouts. This build allows Barbarians to navigate through packs of enemies, dealing devastating damage swiftly. Their ability to breeze through challenges makes them ideal for dungeon farming and levelling. Additionally, Barbarians' supportive skills, such as war cry, make them valuable assets in group play.


Druid: The Shape-Shifting Powerhouse

The Druid class has come a long way since its lackluster performance in the beta. Despite a challenging early levelling experience, Druids compensate with powerful endgame capabilities. They boast the most build variety among all classes, offering options like the wolf, bear, storm, and earth magic, or combinations of each. This versatility contributes to their tackiness, making them a safe pick for hardcore mode.


Druids can withstand hits that would instantly kill other classes, ensuring their survival in risky situations. Their damage potential is tied to various damage types, allowing them to have it all. With their wide range of options and long-term fun, Druids have rightfully earned their place among the top classes in Diablo 4.


Rogue: The Agile Assassin

The Rogue class has proven its relevance and strength by securing the first position in the solo, hardcore race. This achievement is particularly impressive, considering the class's lower health and defences. Rogues excel in both group play and solo content thanks to their incredible mobility and burst damage. 


The double charges on their long-range dash and the ability to instantly teleport behind enemies through shadow steps make them the epitome of agility. Rogues can swiftly navigate through packs of enemies and maintain a high level of mobility even outside of combat. They require high APM (actions per minute) and skill to avoid damage through precise movement and enemy control. 


Rogues are the best choice for early-game levelling, but they become squishier in the late game. However, skilled players can overcome this drawback and enjoy the consistent power and speed that Rogues offer.


Sorcerer: The All-Rounder

Sorcerers Class, with their teleport ability, secure a well-deserved spot near the top of the power rankings. They are versatile and excel in handling various situations with ease. The teleport ability allows Sorcerers to overcome obstacles and swiftly escape dangerous situations. They offer a range of builds that are not heavily dependent on specific gear, providing flexibility in playstyles.


Sorcerers' power ceiling is incredibly high, with the potential for lucky hits that can skyrocket their damage output. While they might bring less to group play than other classes, especially in the early game, their all-rounded capabilities make them a solid choice for any situation.


Necromancer: A Class in Need of Improvement

The Necromancer class, while strong and good, needs to catch up in the power rankings due to some inherent issues. Necromancers lack mitigation abilities, shields, and mobility. Necromancer falls lower in the rankings, facing certain challenges in the race. The class lacks mitigation abilities and mobility options, making it vulnerable to damage. While Necromancers have powerful builds, most of them require sacrificing the use of minions.


The class heavily relies on gear for defence and survivability, which can be a disadvantage in the early and mid-game. However, with proper gear and in the late game, Necromancers can reach their full potential and become highly effective.


Note: These rankings are based on the level 100 race and may vary depending on personal playstyle and preferences. 



After analyzing the level 100 race and considering the performance of each class, it is clear that Diablo 4 has a diverse range of classes, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. While all classes have their merits and can excel in different areas, some classes have proven to be more powerful in the endgame content. Ultimately, the choice of the class should be based on your preferred playstyle and the type of content you enjoy.

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