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Diablo 4 Patch 1.0.2 Necromancer Bone Spear Builds

In this Diablo 4 guide, we will be discussing the current state of the Necromancer's Bone Spear build. This guide is based on the initial iteration of the game and aims to provide an overview of the build's gear, skill tree, and gameplay style. The Bone Spear build is considered one of the best for the Necromancer, offering high damage output and efficiency. So, let's dive in and explore the details of this exciting build.

Diablo 4 Patch 1.0.2 Necromancer Bone Spear Builds


Gear Overview

  • Deathless Visage: This legendary helmet significantly boosts the damage of your Bone Spear, making it extremely powerful.
  • Disobedience Armor: This armor provides additional critical hit chance and damage whenever you consume a corpse with Corpse Lance.
  • Temerity: A powerful legendary item that grants you a defensive layer, which is essential for the squishy Necromancer class.
  • Pennington Greaves: These boots increase movement speed, compensating for the Necromancer's generally slow mobility.
  • Massive 200 Sword: This fully upgraded weapon provides critical hit damage, vulnerability chance, and core skill damage, making it a devastating weapon for Bone Spear builds.
  • Ossified Essence Key: This unique amulet offers additional Essence, which is vital for resource management in this build.


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Ability and Skill Tree Overview

  • Bone Spear: The primary damaging ability for this build. With the right gear, Bone Spear becomes incredibly powerful.
  • Blood Rush: A necessary skill to escape crowd control effects, as the Necromancer is prone to being slowed and rooted.
  • Bone Prison: Provides crowd control and generates resources when used with the Bone Storm skill.
  • Corpse Explosion: Used to generate resources and deal area damage. It synergizes well with Bone Prison and Bone Storm.
  • Bone Storm: Increases critical strike chance and provides damage reduction. Fully upgrading this skill is recommended.
  • Stand Alone: Enhances your survivability by increasing armor and all resistances when no minions are active.
  • Reaper's Scythe: An alternative option to generate corpses and provide a backup generator if needed.


Paragon Board Overview

  • Blood Drinker: This node allows you to consume Blood Orbs generated by Corpse Explosion to gain Fortify, increasing your toughness.
  • Bone Graph: Enhances bone damage and synergizes with Bone Spear's critical strikes.
  • Serration: Provides increased damage for all bone skills.
  • Scent of Death: Grants damage reduction and damage increase depending on the presence of corpses around you.
  • Flesh Eater: An additional node to consider for increased survivability.


Gameplay Tips

  • Prioritize resource management: Be conservative with your resources and use Corpse Explosion to generate Essence whenever possible.
  • Utilize crowd control: Bone Prison and Bone Storm can help control enemies and provide defensive bonuses.
  • Weave in Corpse Explosion: Use Corpse Explosion alongside Bone Spear to maximize damage output and generate resources.
  • Group enemies together: Try to gather enemies in one area to maximize the effectiveness of your area damage skills.
  • Be mindful of survivability: Necromancers are squishy, so pay attention to your positioning and utilize defensive skills like Blood Rush to escape dangerous situations.
  • Adapt the build to your playstyle: Experiment with different skill variations and gear choices to find the setup that suits your preferred playstyle.



The Necromancer's Bone Spear build in Diablo 4 offers immense damage potential and a satisfying gameplay style. With the right gear and skill choices, you can annihilate enemies with devastating bone spears and explosive corpse explosions. 

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