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Diablo 4 Weapon Guide: How to Choose Weapons for Build

Regarding weapons in Diablo 4, there's more to consider than just damage per second and secondary stats. The type of weapon you choose also affects the primary stats displayed at the top. Let's delve into the different weapon varieties and how they impact your character build.

Diablo 4 Weapon Guide: How to Choose Weapons for Build


Primary Stats on Weapons

  • Axes: Some axes have a bonus to damage against healthy enemies.
  • Maces: Maces may provide a bonus to overpower damage.
  • Staves: Staves often grant bonus damage against crowd-controlled enemies.

Each weapon type has unique primary stats.


Weapon Variety and Builds

Different weapon types cater to specific playstyles. For example:

Two-handed axes are ideal for a high damage-to-healthy-enemies build, aiming to eliminate enemies in one shot.

  • Two-handed maces excel in overpowering builds, maximizing overpower damage.
  • Staves are beneficial for builds focused on crowd control, especially when combined with skills that slow enemies.
  • Consider your desired playstyle when selecting a weapon type.


Attacks Per Second

The attack speed of weapons is also essential. Axes and two-handed maces typically have 0.9 attacks per second, while staves have 1.0.

While the green damage per second number can guide your weapon choice, it's crucial to consider your build's requirements and secondary stats.


Resource Generation

Faster attack speed aids in generating resources such as Spirit or Rage more quickly.

If your build relies on resource generation, opting for a weapon with a higher attack speed can be advantageous.


Two-Handed vs. One-Handed

One-handed weapons paired with an offhand can provide even higher attack speed.

The type of weapon determines the guaranteed primary stat, irrespective of the number of hands it requires.

Consider using two one-handed weapons if your build necessitates multiple primary stats or faster attack speed.


Aspect Options

Two-handed weapons offer a significant advantage when it comes to aspect options.

While having multiple weapons with different aspects can be useful, doubling the power of a crucial aspect is preferable in certain builds.

Consider using the best aspect on a two-handed weapon to maximize its effectiveness in builds where a specific aspect is paramount.


Gem Selection

While blue gems (crowd control and critical damage) are generally recommended, green gems (critical strike damage to vulnerable enemies) have their merits.

Green gems can be valuable if your build maintains a high vulnerability uptime.


Attack Speed Adjustment

If you're using a slower two-handed weapon and desire higher attack speed, you can reroll your gloves to obtain additional attack speed.

Increasing attack speed on gloves can compensate for the slower weapon speed.


Remember, the weapon you choose significantly impacts your playstyle and build effectiveness in Diablo 4. Consider the primary stats, attack speed, resource generation, aspect options, and gem choices to optimize your character's performance. Experiment with different weapon varieties to find the perfect fit for your desired playstyle and build objectives.

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