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OSRS Mithril Dragons Farming Gold Chewed Bones, and Other Items Guides

Welcome to a brand new loot article for Old School RuneScape! Today, we'll be discussing the loot obtained from Mithril Dragons. The main goal of this article is to acquire as many Chewed Bones as possible, increasing the chances of obtaining the elusive Dragon Full Helm. So, let's dive into the details!



OSRS Mithril Dragons Farming Gold Chewed Bones, and Other Items Guides


Gear Setup

For this article, we'll be using a full set of Torva armor and Dragon Hunter Lance, along with the Ardy Max Cape. The inventory setup is similar to the Rune Dragon article, with one correction: only one Divine Super Combat potion is needed. The Dragon Warhammer will be used for its special attack to lower the dragon's defense, although it's not necessary. Now, let's get started!


The Mithril Dragon Hunt

In the inventory, we won't be picking up the Mithril bars dropped by the Mithril Dragons. Although it means missing out on some profit, it allows for more kills per hour. By not picking up the bars, we can kill more dragons and potentially get more food drops, extending our trips. Unfortunately, the Mithril bars cannot be noted unless you have a Slayer task for Mithril Dragons.


Mithril Dragons and their Drops

Mithril Dragons are renowned for their rare drop, the Dragon Full Helm, which has a drop rate of 1 in 32,000. This drop is extremely rare, and screenshots of it are more commonly seen in the previous version of RuneScape (2007) than in the current one. Besides the Dragon Full Helm, Mithril Dragons occasionally drop Ancient Pages, with a drop rate of 1 in 64. Collecting these pages contributes to the collection log.


Other drops from Mithril Dragons include Blood Runes, Soul Runes, Dragon Javelin Heads, Rune Bars, Rune Arrows, Rune Bolts, and Rune Javelins. These drops are not highly valuable, but they do add up. You can choose to high-alch certain drops, such as the Rune Battleaxe, Mace, Spear, and Full Helm. Additionally, there's a chance to receive unnoted Sharks and potion drops, including Prayer Mixes and Super Set Mixes.


Noteworthy Mentions

Although the chances are incredibly slim, Mithril Dragons have a 1 in 10,000 chance of dropping a Draconic Visage, currently valued at 2.8 million OSRS GP. However, the main focus of this article is obtaining Chewed Bones, which have a drop rate of 1 in 42. Each Chewed Bone offers a 1 in 256 chance to receive the Dragon Full Helm.



Prior to the release of Dragon Slayer 2, Mithril Dragons had a brighter color scheme. Their old appearance was later given to Rune Dragons to match the metals' true colors. It's interesting to note these changes in visual representation.



After completing the grind of 1000 Mithril Dragons, we acquired 19 Chewed Bones, falling short of our goal. Each bone brings us closer to the chance of obtaining the Dragon Full Helm. Although we didn't obtain the helm in this article, it remains a highly sought-after item. The total profit, excluding the uncollected Mithril bars, was approximately 8.1 million coins, with a supply cost of 3 million coins. This results in a net profit of around 5 million coins. We also completed the My Notes section of the collection log, a noteworthy accomplishment.

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