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Diablo 4 Patch 1.0.2 Flurry Rogue End Game Build

In this guide, we will be discussing a Flurry Rogue build for Diablo 4 that can be effective in the end game. While this Diablo 4 build may not be considered one of the top-tier options, we have discovered a variant that provides enough damage to clear end game content at level 90. We will explain the core mechanics of the Flurry Rogue build, break down the skill choices, and provide a detailed overview of the Paragon board configuration. Additionally, we will discuss the ideal stat weights for each piece of gear. So, let's dive into the Flurry Rogue build!



Diablo 4 Patch 1.0.2 Flurry Rogue End Game Build


Build Explanation

The Flurry Rogue build focuses on amplifying the damage of your Flurry skill with Shadow and Poison imbuements. The core DPS loop involves using Shadow imbuement, applying combo points with Puncture, Shadow stepping to a target and dropping Poison Trap, and then executing a Flurry combo with both imbuements active. This sequence maximizes damage output and resets the cooldowns of the imbuement skills.


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Skill Choices

Here is a breakdown of the skill choices for the Flurry Rogue build:

  • Puncture: Take this as the basic skill to apply Vulnerable.
  • Flurry: Max out Flurry, taking Enhanced Flurry and Improved Flurry for increased damage and spreading Vulnerable to multiple enemies.
  • Sturdy and Siphoning Strikes: Invest in these skills for defense and healing.
  • Shadow Step: Essential for movement and escape. Take Enhanced Shadow Step and Methodical Shadow Step for added benefits.
  • Weapon Mastery: Provides useful raw stats.
  • Concussive and Trick Attacks: Take these skills to improve critical strike chance against knockdown enemies and effectively knock down enemies, respectively.
  • Poison Trap: Utilize this skill for crowd control and to reset imbuement skill cooldowns. Take Enhanced Poison Trap and Countering Poison Trap for added utility.



The chosen imbuements for this build are Shadow and Poison. Blended versions of both imbuements are recommended for increased damage. Precision imbuement is also important for its critical strike chance bonus.


Paragon Board Configuration

Here is the suggested Paragon board configuration for the Flurry Rogue build:

  • Starting Board: Begin by going up and right to obtain the Prime Node.
  • Eldritch Bounty Board: Focus on obtaining blue nodes, such as Efficacy Glyph, Eldritch Bounty, and Efficacy Node, to enhance imbuement skill damage.
  • Cunning Strategy Board: Take the Glyph Node and grab Intelligence nodes for required stats.
  • Exploit Weakness Board: Obtain nodes such as Infusion Glyph, Artifice, Exploit Rare, and Exploit Weakness to increase overall damage and vulnerability application.
  • Cheap Shot Board: Consider options like Safeguard or Spearhead based on your gear and playstyle preference. Obtain the Cheap Shot Legendary Node and the Closer Glyph.


Gear Stat Weights

  • Helmet: Prioritize total armor, dexterity, ranks of Shadow or Poison imbuement, and maximum energy or CDR.
  • Chest: Focus on defensive stats such as total armor, damage reduction, and Dodge chance.
  • Gloves: Seek attack speed, ranks of Flurry, Critical Strike chance, and either Critical Strike damage with imbued skills or Lucky hit chance.
  • Pants: Prioritize defensive stats like total armor, damage reduction, Dodge chance, and damage reduction from close enemies.
  • Boots: Look for dexterity, energy cost reduction, Dodge chance, and movement speed. Other defensive values or all stats can be considered.
  • Crossbow: Seek stats like vulnerable damage, Critical Strike damage, honorable damage, dexterity, and basic skill damage.

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