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Top 5 God-Tier Solo Builds in Elder Scrolls Online, 2023

Are you looking for powerful solo builds in The Elder Scrolls Online that can tackle any content with ease? Look no further! In this guide, we will explore the top 5 solo builds for ESO in 2023. These builds are not only strong but also easy to learn, and the best part is that you won't need any trial gear to excel with them. Whether you want to defeat world bosses, conquer dungeons, or take on veteran group content, these God-Tier Solo Builds have got you covered. Let's dive in!


Top 5 God-Tier Solo Builds in Elder Scrolls Online, 2023


Build 1: Stamina Necromancer

The stamina necromancer build is particularly strong in the latest patch. It combines the necromancer's powerful class skills and buffs with stamina-focused weapon skills to create a versatile and effective build. One of the best skills for soloing is the necromancer bone tyrant ability called Ruinous Scythe. This skill applies to the haemorrhaging status, off balance, and provides a strong heal based on the number of enemies damaged. Other skills like Spirit Guardian and Beckoning Armor enhance healing, damage reduction, and crowd control. For gear sets, you can combine two damage-focused sets, like Briarheart and Hunding's Rage, along with ESO mythic items or monster set of your choice.


Build 2: Stamina Nightblade

The stamina nightblade is another excellent choice for solo gameplay. This build utilizes a variety of stamina-based weapon skills for damage and combines them with the nightblade's offensive and healing toolkit. The key skill is Surprise Attack, which deals significant damage. Combining it with the offensive ultimate Incapacitating Strike and other skills like Killer's Blade or Reverse Slice creates an incredibly powerful build. Siphoning skills like Swallow Soul provide sustained healing. For gear sets, consider using Hexo's Ward, Prayer Shawl, or Pariah combined with sets like Pillar of Nirn or Iceheart.


Build 3: Solo Dragonknight

The Dragonknight class offers versatility for solo play, whether you choose stamina or magicka. A heavy attack build works well for dragon knights, thanks to the Molten Armament skill, which buffs your weapon and spell damage and provides an 80% increase in heavy attack damage against monsters. Skills like Noxious Breath and Burning Embers offer damage over time and healing effects. Dragonknights also have self-healing options like Cauterize and Cinder Storm. Gear sets like Sergeant's Mail, Noble Duelist, and Hexe's Ward are effective choices for this build.


Build 4: Magicka Templar

Magicka Templars excel in solo play due to their strong healing capabilities. The puncturing sweep skill remains a staple for damage and healing, even with recent nerfs. Combining it with skills like Blazing Spear or Solar Barrage enhances the build's AoE damage potential. Templars also have defensive options like Burst Heal, Honor the Dead and Living Dark for healing and damage mitigation. Sets like Mother's Sorrow or Order's Wrath, which focus on critical chance and damage, complement this build.


Build 5: Magicka Sorcerer

Magicka Sorcerers offer an easy and powerful solo playstyle, especially with a heavy attack build. Lightning staff heavy attacks are highly effective, dealing splash damage to groups of enemies. Sorcerers have access to self-healing with skills like Crit Surge and excellent damage shields with Hardened Ward. The use of pets can further enhance your damage output. Sets like Sergeant's Mail, Noble Duelist, or Storm Master can maximize your damage potential, while critical chance sets like Mother's Sorrow improve healing. The Oak and Soul mythic item is also recommended to boost buffs.



If you're a solo player looking to dominate the world of The Elder Scrolls Online, these top 5 builds will be your key to success in 2023. From the unstoppable Stamina Necromancer to the versatile Magicka Sorcerer, each build offers a unique playstyle and powerful skills that can conquer any challenge.

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