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World of Warcraft Patch 10.1.5: 12 Thrilling Updates For New Features, UI and Revamps

Patch 10.1.5 is expected to be released in mid-August at the latest, but based on previous patch schedules, it may arrive as early as early July. And it's shaping up to be an impressive update with a host of exciting features. From new content to improved gameplay mechanics and stunning visual upgrades, this patch is set to breathe fresh life into the game. Let's dive into the 12 most important and thrilling updates coming in Patch 10.1.5.


World of Warcraft Patch 10.1.5: 12 Thrilling Updates For New Features, UI and Revamps


Feature 1: Dawn of the Infinite Mega Dungeon

The highlight of this patch is the introduction of the Infinite Mega Dungeon, which is closely tied to the main plotline. It features eight bosses and drops 421 gear on the PTR. While gear from PTR is not upgradeable, it is likely to be upgradable in the live version. This new content is designed to cater to players who may not be interested in raiding or high-level Mythic+ dungeons. Expect major story events and a glimpse of Nos Dormer's transformation.


Feature 2: World Gameplay - Time Rifts

A world event called Time Rifts takes place in Tyrhold, where seven different Azeroth timelines attempt to invade and must be pushed back. These timelines represent alternate realities where different enemies have taken over, such as the Black Empire, Titans, Legion, Scourge, Mechanum, and even a faction conflict between the Alliance and Horde. Players need to close the Time Rifts by defeating enemies and solving puzzles to gather temporal essence. The gameplay loop revolves around combat and rewards players with three tiers of rewards based on the amount of temporal essence gathered.


Feature 3: Power and Rewards

Patch 10.1.5 brings various customization options and transmog items. You can expect to mount pets, new sets of outdoor gear with bronze and infinite themes, and powerful trinkets called Power Causal Fragments. These trinkets offer unique effects and are highly sought after. Additionally, there are quantum items that allow you to acquire appearances from the past, adding more diversity to your transmog collection. The Infinite Dragon Riding customizations are also introduced, with scale colours being a significant factor in their appearance.


Feature 4: Dragon Riding Grand Prix

For two weeks in August, players can participate in the Dragon Riding Grand Prix. This event offers 16 courses with three difficulty levels. Completing races earns you badges, which can be exchanged for dragon riding armour and teal-coloured skills for the Philosopher Drake mount. To obtain all rewards, you will need to achieve gold in 37 out of the 48 races.


Feature 5: Whelp Daycare

The Whelp Daycare is a new questline that allows players to raise individual whelps from each Dragonflight. Completing daily quests rewards you with battle pets corresponding to each Dragonflight. Each pet has its own unique story that unfolds over several days.


Feature 6: Scholarance and Nax Return

Similar to the discovery of content in Zelgrub's past, this time, we have advanced knowledge of the return of the original scholar, Mans, and Naxramas appearances through ancient crafting patterns. This reintroduction will bring back mog hunting and new content for players to enjoy.


Feature 7: Warlock Updates

Warlocks receive a significant amount of new content. If you are a Warlock main, consider a race change as new race options are available. Additionally, a new pet customization system awaits you, which can be unlocked through a special Warlock-only quest line. Once completed, you can swap out your pets at the barbershop, similar to Druid forms. Moreover, there are new pets to discover through various grimoires. However, the glyph to transform the fell hunter into an observer is no longer available due to PvP recognition concerns.


Feature 8: Ocher Augmentation

The biggest gameplay change in this patch is the introduction of Ocher, a new support specialization. Other provides a unique gameplay fantasy of buffing allies while dealing damage. With talents, off-healing abilities are now part of their kit, making them a strong support caster option. If you enjoy playing support roles, Ocher is definitely worth trying out.


Feature 9: Mage Rework

For mage players, all three mage specs receive a significant rework. The removal of Rune of Power prevents your damage from being deleted by the boss's abilities. Talents have been adjusted, offering quality-of-life improvements and new gameplay options. These changes cater to player feedback and provide a refreshing experience for mages.


Feature 10: Improved Leveling Experience

Levelling has been improved in this patch. Riding is no longer a trainable skill but is automatically earned at levels 10, 20, and 30. This eliminates the need to return to your capital and removes the wow gold cost associated with learning riding. A new mount has also been added to the game. Furthermore, Legion and Beyond dungeons now offer quests within them, allowing you to gain a significant burst of experience points. With these improvements, you can reach level 61 before venturing into the Dragon Isles, avoiding early challenges upon arrival.


Feature 11: Gear Updates and Leveling Fixes

The patch includes new gear and bag options for characters that last played a while ago. While there may be some issues with acquiring this gear currently, it demonstrates the developers' effort to improve the levelling experience.


Feature 12: User Interface Updates

The game's user interface (UI) receives several changes to enhance the overall user experience. New animations and effects have been added to reinforce button presses and make gameplay more engaging. Cast bars and targeting circles have been updated, and an official "sell old junk" button has been introduced. The micro menu has become more colourful, making it easier to identify icons. Additionally, various UI elements, such as interaction cursors and transmog appearance tracking, have received updates and improvements.



We hope this guide has provided you with valuable information about the exciting changes coming in Patch 10.15. Whether you are a returning player or someone looking to try out new features, this patch offers a wide range of content to explore. Enjoy your adventures in Azeroth!

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