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Old School RuneScape GP Guides: Best Store to Making Gold

Are you looking for some lucrative GP-making methods in Old School RuneScape? Look no further! This guide will explore some of the best-kept secrets that can help you earn up to 3 million OSRS GP per hour. These methods are often overlooked by players, giving you a competitive advantage. So grab your Book o' Piracy, obtained after completing the Cabin Fever quest, and let's dive into these hidden opportunities.



The Pirate Store - Mos Le'Harmless

Our first stop is the Clothes Store in Killenor, accessible with the Book o' Piracy. Here, we'll focus on three items: the White Pirate Bandana, used as a step in Elite Clues, and the Pirate Leggings, popular fashion scape items. While this method may not offer consistent profits, it's an excellent option for quick gains, especially when you need a fast 1 million GP in just minutes.


The demand for these fashion-scape items fluctuates depending on various factors. With a vibrant event ongoing, colourful items are in high demand. Additionally, being an Elite Clue step, the White Pirate Bandanas will always have a steady demand. Although these items may not sell instantly, patient players are willing to pay a premium to avoid obtaining them themselves.


After a 10-minute test, we spent roughly 130k coins on these items and ended up with 530k GP. This means a profit of 400k GP in just 10 minutes. With careful attention and more active gameplay, it's possible to reach profits of up to 3 million GP per hour. 


The Prifddinas Store - Hefin Inn

Moving on to the Prifddinas store, we discover a gold mine of profit. Located in Draynor, this store offers several items with impressive margins. One such item is Cider, which can be purchased from the bartender. While the individual cost is low, the GE price for Cider fluctuates between 800 GP and 1,000 GP depending on demand.


Filling your inventory with Ciders takes approximately two minutes, allowing for a steady profit flow. You can easily automate the process using a subtle tileman series or enjoy the task with a movie on your second monitor. After 10 minutes of buying, we obtained 138 Ciders. The demand for Ciders is high, and they sell instantly. Sometimes, they even reach prices of 1,000 GP each, resulting in potential profits of around 500k GP per hour.


Continuing Prifddinas, we stumble upon a store selling Papyruses, a helpful item for quests and construction. While these items may not sell instantly, they are in consistent demand due to their utility. Filling your entire inventory with Papyruses is quick and convenient, as the store is conveniently located next to the bank. During our 10-minute test, we acquired around 800 Papyruses. Although they didn't sell immediately, they eventually sold by setting a competitive price. This method can earn you over 1 million GP per hour, with the added benefit of finding Crystal Implings.


Farming Guild Elena

Old School RuneScape GP Guides: Best Store to Making Gold

Starting, we have the Farming Guild, where Elena sells various items right next to the bank. Two profitability items stand out: the Gardening Trowel and the Plant Cure. While the Gardening Trowel offers a considerable profit per inventory, its volume is relatively low. Instead, focus on the Plant Cure, a high-volume item in demand for farming. You can maximise your yield per hour with a short distance to the bank. You can earn around 1.2 million GP per hour with diligent buying and selling. Remember, the longer you hold the items, the better price you can fetch.



Now, we come to the most profitable GP-making method in this guide: the Stonemeson. This method involves purchasing three items: Gold Leaf, Marble Blocks, and Magic Stones. These items have significant profit margins and cater to players seeking quick construction materials. Although the initial investment can be substantial (around 50 million GP), the returns can be astonishing. With careful buying and selling, you can earn profits of approximately 6 million GP per hour. Remember that these items may not sell instantly, but players are willing to pay a premium for convenience.



This guide has explored several lucrative GP-making methods in Old School RuneScape. Each method offers its unique advantages and profit potential. From the Pirate Store to the Farming Guild, and the Stonemason, you have various options based on your preferences and available resources. Consider the initial investment required and the market demand for each item. 

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