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Diablo 4 Demon's Wake Dungeon: The Ultimate XP and Gold Farm Guides

Welcome back, fellow adventurers, to another Diablo 4 guide! Today, we have an extraordinary Diablo 4 discovery to share with you. Blizzard may have missed one dungeon when they nerfed the XP and Diablo 4 Gold gains in the game. This dungeon we're about to reveal is, without a doubt, the best XP and Gold farm we have encountered in Diablo 4. However, be aware that the popularity of this farm will likely lead to a nerf in the future. So, make sure to take advantage of it while you can.



Diablo 4 Demon


Location and Starting Point

On your map, locate The Demon's Wake dungeon. Once you arrive, you'll find yourself in a starting area. The layout of this area is usually consistent, but keep in mind that there might be slight variations due to RNG (random number generation). Don't worry; it won't affect the effectiveness of the farm. Your primary focus should be on two specific targets you'll encounter shortly in this starting area.


Objective: Destroying the Targets

Disregard the regular enemies and concentrate on eliminating these two crucial targets. Apologies for not recalling their names, but they will be visible on your screen. Once you've taken them out, return to the door near the starting area.


Optional: Shrine Event

Occasionally, you might encounter a shrine event in the upper area near the door. We highly recommend participating in these events as they provide significant rewards. However, if there isn't an event present, proceed to the door after destroying the targets.


Enter the Main Area

After passing through the door, you'll find yourself in a large open area. This is where the magic happens! Unlike other dungeons, The Demon's Wake has no boss encounter. Instead, your objective is to eliminate all the enemies in this area.


Spawn Mechanics and Elite Enemies

As you begin clearing out the enemies, around the time there are approximately 20 foes remaining, they will start spawning continuously on top of you. This area is packed with enemies, including elite foes. Take them all down until you have about 15-20 enemies left, and more will continue to spawn. This mechanic is reminiscent of the ruins in the game.


XP Farming Efficiency

After the 1.0.2 Patch, where other dungeons were nerfed, The Demon's Wake remains unchanged and offers an extraordinary XP and Gold farming experience. We recommend running this farm on World Tier 3 for optimal results. However, the efficiency will improve even further as you increase the World Tier. In a team of two or more players, the farming speed will double, allowing you to earn an incredible 15-20 million XP per hour.


Seize the Opportunity

We cannot emphasize how amazing this XP and Gold farm is in Diablo 4. It's currently the best farm we've encountered. So, don't wait too long. Jump into The Demon's Wake and take full advantage of this XP farm before it changes.


Exiting and Farming Continuously

To maximize your farming efficiency, knowing how to exit and re-enter the dungeon swiftly is essential. After completing the dungeon, press the appropriate button to leave the dungeon or use your map to select the Leave Dungeon option. This action will spawn you outside the dungeon's door in the open world. Go to your game menu and choose Leave Game. Once you're back at the main menu, join the game again, and you'll spawn outside the dungeon door. Rinse and repeat the farm.


Party Play

If you're part of a team or party, the party host should go to the social menu and leave the party. The host will then spawn outside the dungeon door and can invite you back into the party. By following this method, you can repeatedly farm the dungeon as a group.



The Demon's Wake in Diablo 4 is an unbelievable XP farm, and it currently stands as the most efficient method we've encountered. It's crucial to seize this opportunity before it receives a Nerf. 

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