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Diablo 4 Helltides Guide: Farming Cinder and Leveling Quickly

In Diablo 4, the Helltides provide a fantastic opportunity for players to level up quickly, farm valuable Items, and gear up their characters. This guide explores tips and tricks to make the most out of the Helltides after the latest patch. Additionally, we'll introduce a helpful tool to aid in finding events and mystery chests, allowing you to maximize your efficiency and rewards.

Diablo 4 Helltides Guide: Farming Cinder and Leveling Quickly


Farming Cinder Quickly

To obtain Cinder's efficiently, focus on areas with high mob density. However, an even more effective method involves farming events that are located close together. Helltides seem to have faster event spawn timers, so finding two nearby events and farming them back-to-back can yield a substantial amount of Cinder quickly. Instead of aimlessly roaming the map, concentrate on these event clusters for optimal results. Engaging with other players can also increase your chances of obtaining Cinder quickly.


Utilizing the Interactive Map

Take advantage of a user-created interactive map available at This resourceful tool displays the remaining time until the Helltide ends, the countdown to the next Helltide, and a list of nearby events. By referring to this map, you can identify events close to each other and plan your farming route efficiently. Additionally, the map shows the locations of mystery chests, which can contain valuable loot. The thumbs-up and thumbs-down ratings indicate whether the chests are active, helping you locate the most rewarding chests.


Efficient Event Farming

Once you've identified two closely located events on the interactive map, alternate between them. In case one event hasn't respawned yet, clear the surrounding area, as monster packs often appear near event locations. This method allows you to engage continuously in events without wasting time travelling across the map. Remember, the more players involved in this farming method, the more efficient it becomes, as they can assist in completing events and increase the drop rates of Cinder, Items and Diablo 4 Gold.


Opening Mystery Chests

The pinnacle of rewards during Helltides lies in the level 175 mysterious chests. Focus on finding and opening these chests, as they offer the best chance to acquire legendary gear. Lower-level chests are not worth the time investment. Regularly consult the interactive map to pinpoint the location of the level 175 chests and head there to collect your hard-earned Cinder. Following this approach, you can quickly obtain multiple chests per Helltide, enhancing your gear progression.


Transitioning from World Tier 3 to World Tier 4

If you're transitioning from World Tier 3 to World Tier 4 and feel that the difficulty increase might be too challenging, a handy trick can save you time and frustration. Initially, farm Cinder's on World Tier 3 to build up a substantial amount. Once you've collected 175 Cinders, refer to the interactive map to locate a level 175 chest. Position your character in front of it, and then exit the game.


Change the game's World Tier settings from Tier 4 to Tier 3 and log back into the game. You'll find yourself in front of the same chest, and all the Cinder you had accumulated in World Tier 3 will still be intact. Now, change the World Tier back to Tier 4 to take advantage of the improved loot drops, including ancestral loot, which can significantly upgrade your character. Repeat this process as necessary to expedite your character's progression.


Making the Most of Orbitals

While farming Helltides, you'll acquire a significant number of orbitals. Knowing how to utilize them optimally is crucial. Rather than spending orbitals on random upgrades, prioritize obtaining specific legendary aspects that benefit your character. Focus on rolling for legendary aspects that correspond to the item slot where they can be equipped. For example, if you desire attack-oriented aspects, invest your orbitals in gambling for gloves. Rings are excellent for obtaining various aspects, including resource generation options. Be smart with your orbital usage to secure the best legendary aspects for your build.



By following these tips and utilizing the interactive map, you can maximize your efficiency during Helltides in Diablo 4. Farm Cinders quickly target nearby events, open level 175 mysterious chests for the best loot, and use the transitional trick to transition from World Tier 3 to World Tier 4 smoothly. Additionally, make wise choices with your orbitals to acquire the legendary aspects that suit your character's playstyle. With these strategies, you'll level up faster, obtain valuable loot, and upgrade your character effectively during Helltides in Diablo 4.

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