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New World PTR News: Mounts and Hidden Quality of Life Improvements in Latest Patch

New World, Amazon's popular MMO, is introducing exciting new features and improvements in its upcoming patch. While some of these changes have been directly revealed on the Public Test Realm, others have been uncovered through data mining efforts and are only accessible to a select few. In this guide, we will delve into the details of the new mounts and various quality-of-life improvements that will enhance your gaming experience.


New World PTR News: Mounts and Hidden Quality of Life Improvements in Latest Patch


Mounts: Variety and Customization

Data mining efforts by Zelenin on the New World Database Discord have revealed fascinating information about mounts in the game. There will be multiple types of mounts, including open halls shop, open wolf shop, and open lion shop. These designations indicate that these are different shop tabs, hinting at the possibility of having multiple horses, wolves, and lions to choose from. This wide variety of mounts is a delightful surprise and aligns with the developer's goal of creating an intricate mount system.


Mounts will also feature buff slots, specifically buff slots one and two. While the exact nature of these buffs is yet to be confirmed, they could enhance the mount's abilities or attributes. Furthermore, mounts will have two mount attachment slots, which can be used for decorations, trophies, or even attachments for additional storage. The introduction of mount-specific customization options adds an exciting dimension to the game.


Instant Gear Set Swap: Swift Adaptation

One of the notable improvements coming with the patch is the ability to swap gear sets instantly. This feature allows players to bind the toggle to select gear sets to a specific button, enabling them to switch gear sets with ease. Additionally, individual gear sets can be bound to specific buttons, enabling players to quickly switch between sets without accessing the menu. This improvement is accompanied by shorter out-of-combat times, making gear swapping even more efficient. These enhancements will be particularly valuable in PvP situations where quick adaptation is crucial.


Combat/Gathering Inventory Split: Streamlined Management

Another significant change being tested on the PTR is the combat/gathering inventory split. While not accessible to all players at this stage, this feature will likely provide a separate tab for combat equipment and a second tab for tools, bags, and instruments. This development suggests a potential integration of mounts into the secondary tab. The secondary menu displays gathering skills rather than combat stats, indicating the possibility of having dedicated gathering sets or a streamlined interface for specialized activities. Although the exact implications of this change are not fully known, it is aimed at decluttering the main screen and improving usability.


Rearrange Inventory: Personalized Organization

In response to player feedback regarding inventory management, New World is developing a feature that allows players to rearrange their inventory. This improvement enables players to prioritize consumables, making them easily accessible during expeditions. Additionally, players will have the option to display a single-row inventory instead of the default two rows. While these features are still a work in progress, they aim to enhance usability and reduce inventory-related frustrations.


Inventory Filter: Effortless Item Search

An impressive addition to inventory management is the new inventory filter. Although announced previously, the true potential of this tool becomes apparent when exploring its functionalities. Players can search for new world items by name, allowing for efficient item retrieval. However, it's important to note that searching by gear type is not currently available. The filter also enables players to search for specific perks associated with items, enabling precise filtering based on desired attributes. While there is room for improvement, the ability to search for perks greatly aids inventory organization and optimization.


Chest Opening Animation: Enhanced Experience

A visually appealing change comes in the form of a new chest opening animation. This updated animation provides a pleasing visual effect, adding a touch of excitement and anticipation when opening chests. Not only does it enhance the overall experience, but it also provides a clearer view of multiple chests being opened simultaneously.


New Raid UI With Role Select: Enhanced Team Coordination

The new raid UI is a welcome addition for group content enthusiasts. It not only displays the four raid groups but also allows players to select their roles. This feature is similar to the dungeon menu and facilitates better coordination by displaying each player's role within a raid. This information is particularly valuable when participating in larger raids or engaging in PvP encounters with unfamiliar players. Choosing a role is as simple as pressing the raid button (default: L) and selecting the desired role from the options presented. This streamlined process benefits both experienced raiders and those new to group content.



The forthcoming New World patch promises a wide range of exciting features and quality-of-life improvements. The introduction of multiple mount types adds variety and customization options, while mount buffs and attachments enhance the functionality and aesthetics of mounts. The gear swapping and combat equipment selection features streamline gameplay, offering greater flexibility in different scenarios. Furthermore, inventory sorting and filtering, along with the enhanced chest opening animation, greatly improve the overall user experience. Lastly, the new raid UI facilitates coordination and communication within raid groups. 

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