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OSRS Bounty Hunter Crate Guide - Maximizing Loot and Gold

This guide delves into the world of Bounty Hunter crates in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). The recent buffs to these crates have made them a lucrative opportunity for players seeking exciting loot and substantial profits. Join us as we explore the mechanics, strategies, and potential gains of opening these highly sought-after crates.

OSRS Bounty Hunter Crate Guide - Maximizing Loot and Gold


Understanding the Bounty Hunter Crate System

The new Bounty Hunter crate system functions similarly to the old EP (Emblem Points) system. As you spend more time in the caves with a specific target, the crate quality you receive upon eliminating them or obtaining them through another target increases. However, to gain any EP, you must risk 50,000 GP, and you'll only gain 1% every 30 seconds. This means that obtaining the highest tier emblem, which requires 49 and a half minutes of gameplay, can be daunting as it prohibits player killing during that time.


Saving and Acquiring Crates

One must engage in the risky process of peaking random targets to accumulate many crates. The time to acquire each crate varies, ensuring a mix of tiered crates in your collection. Tier one crates are the most common, while tier ten crates represent the highest rarity. Saving up a substantial number of crates requires patience and perseverance.


The Buffed Loot and Emblems

The recent buffs to the Bounty Hunter crates have made them significantly more enticing. Not only have they added valuable items like 16 million emblems, but they have also reduced the tiers. This means the previous tier one crates are now equivalent to the old tier two crates, boosting their value. Emblems of varying denominations, such as 10 million, 1 million, and 100K GP, are also included in these crates. Additionally, the update increased the likelihood of receiving blighted supply drops, adding further value to the crates.


Opening the Crates and Calculating Profits

Now let's dive into the exciting part: opening the crates and discovering the loot. Each tier-one crate represents approximately 10 minutes spent on a target without player killing. The rewards from these crates are already promising, with each crate containing 50K GP. As you progress to higher tiers, the cash rewards increase, with tier two crates containing 200K GP, tier three crates containing 500K GP, and tier four crates offering a staggering 1m GP per crate.


Emblem drops significantly enhance the potential profits. For instance, a 16m emblem is worth 16 million GP, doubling your cash stack. Remember that emblems can be obtained from various tiers, and their drop rates may vary. Nonetheless, they add a substantial boost to your earnings.


Sharing the Loot and Evaluating Gains

After opening many crates, it's time to evaluate your total gains. Remember, you can sell the supplies and items obtained to maximize your profits further. A price check reveals the impressive value of the loot acquired, with items such as Anglers, Restores, Karambwans, and Manta Rays selling for generous amounts. Emblems also contribute significantly to your overall earnings.


In our exploration, we obtained approximately 17 million RS GP from opening the crates, including the cash rewards, valuable supplies, and emblem drops. While there may be some variance in prices and outcomes, this guide provides a solid estimate of the potential profits.



The revamped Bounty Hunter crate system in OSRS presents an exciting opportunity for players seeking thrilling gameplay and substantial profits. While accumulating crates requires dedication, the rewards are well worth the effort. Whether you're a seasoned bounty hunter or a newcomer to the field, opening these crates can prove highly profitable.

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