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Diablo 4 Crafting Guide: Upgrading Legendary Items Effects

Welcome to our unique Diablo 4 crafting guide! This guide will explore a fascinating and game-changing technique that involves upgrading legendary items before extracting their effects. This method can significantly enhance your legendary effects and give you an edge in combat. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of this technique and uncover its potential.

 Diablo 4 Crafting Guide: Upgrading Legendary Items Effects


Upgrade Before Extraction

To maximize the power of your legendary items, upgrading them before extracting their effects is crucial. You can enhance the legendary effects by visiting the blacksmith, amplifying their potency. This technique works particularly well with number-based effects, such as Thorns, that scale with your character level and gear level.


Identifying Number-Type Effects

Before extracting a legendary effect, it is essential to determine if it is a number-type effect. You can easily identify this by previewing the potential upgrade at the blacksmith or jeweler. If the effect displays an increase in numerical values, such as Thorns going from 2900 to 3274, it is a number-type effect that can be upgraded.


Crafting Legendary Codex

After upgrading the legendary effect, you can extract and craft it onto another item to maximize its potential. This involves using a legendary codex, which you can upgrade at the blacksmith. Upgrading the codex before extracting its effect allows you to imprint a more potent version onto your gear, significantly boosting your character.


Scaling with Character Level

Number-type effects scale with your character level, allowing for even greater enhancements as you progress. By checking the minimum values on the legendary codex, you can identify if a crafted effect will surpass the base values of extracted legendaries. This means that, at higher levels, you can craft minimum rows onto legendaries and achieve even greater power.


Limitations with Percentage-Type Effects

It's important to note that this upgrading technique does not work for percentage-type effects. Effects that increase by a percentage, such as Berserking going from 53% to 63%, cannot be further upgraded through this method. The technique only applies to number-based effects that exhibit numerical growth.


Additional Tips

  • Always check the blacksmith and jeweler before extracting legendary effects to determine if upgrading is possible.
  • Take advantage of crafting minimum rows from the legendary codex to maximize the power of your gear.
  • Remember that upgrading legendary effects after imprinting them onto an item will not grant additional bonuses.
  • Consider upgrading your gear to reach the threshold for skill rank upgrades, allowing you to gain additional skill ranks.



Upgrading legendary effects before extracting and crafting them onto gear can significantly enhance your character's power in Diablo 4. This guide has provided a detailed overview of this crafting discovery, allowing you to make the most of your legendary items. Keep exploring and experimenting with different combinations to unlock the true potential of your character. 

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