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OSRS Gold Guide: Making Coins Through Trading Burnt Food

Trading and marching have always been integral to Old School RuneScape (OSRS). While the introduction of the Grand Exchange has streamlined the trading process, there is still a nostalgic charm associated with person-to-person trades and marching. This guide explores the potential for making Gold through manual trading in the Grand Exchange, focusing on the trade of burnt food. Although this method requires significant effort and may not yield substantial profits, it can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for those seeking a different approach to making Gold in the game.

OSRS Gold Guide: Making Coins Through Trading Burnt Food


Getting Started

To embark on this trading adventure, begin with a starting capital of 1 million OSRS gold coins. It is essential to note that person-to-person trades are often met with suspicion due to the prevalence of scams in the game. However, some items, like burnt food, are still commonly traded manually. Begin by repeatedly typing "buying burnt food" in the game chat to attract potential sellers.


Understanding Burnt Food Values

Burnt food items vary in value, with some being worth more than others. For instance, burnt karambwan is considered less valuable than burnt jubbly. To determine appropriate pricing, consider consulting the Burnt Food Discord or market resources to gain insight into current prices. It is crucial to balance offering fair prices and not overpaying.


Trading Experience

During the trading experience, you will encounter a mix of successful trades and declines. The process involves engaging with various players with different quantities of burnt food. It is advisable to avoid declining trades frequently as it can waste time and diminish potential profits.


Pricing Strategy

To establish a pricing strategy, offer around 20-34 gold coins for every day burnt food items. Be more flexible and adapt your pricing based on market conditions for rarer burnt food. Adjust your pricing to optimize profits without discouraging potential sellers as you progress.


Identifying Valuable Burnt Food

While trading, watch for valuable burnt food items such as burnt jubblies, bones, or other rare items. These can be sold substantially, ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 gold coins each. Identifying and acquiring these rare items can significantly boost your profits.


Scaling Up

As you accumulate more burnt food, exploring alternative trading locations might be more efficient. Consider visiting areas like the Rogue's Den cooking spot, where players training cooking may have a surplus of burnt food in their banks. By diversifying your trading locations, you can increase your chances of finding more potential sellers.


Selling the Acquired Burnt Food

Once you have amassed a considerable collection of burnt food, it's time to sell them. Utilize the OSRS Discord or other trading platforms to find potential buyers interested in purchasing burnt food in bulk. Negotiate with potential buyers to secure a fair deal with current market prices.



While manual trading and marching in OSRS can be an enjoyable and nostalgic experience, it may not yield significant profits compared to other Gold-making methods. Engaging in person-to-person trades for burnt food requires substantial effort, and the returns may not always justify the time invested. However, for players seeking a unique and challenging trading experience, this method can provide excitement and occasionally profitable trades. Always stay informed about market prices, adapt your pricing strategy, and explore different trading locations to maximize your potential profits.

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