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Diablo 4 Corpse-related Spells Gold Farming Necromancer Build

In this guide, we will explore a powerful Necromancer build that can clear Nightmare Dungeon Level 100 solo. We will provide a summary of this build and explain the key components and strategies to help you achieve success in the game. Please note that this guide is based on the current state of Diablo 4 Season 1, and any future updates or changes may affect the effectiveness of the build.



Diablo 4 Corpse-related Spells Gold Farming Necromancer Build


Build Overview

This Necromancer builds focuses on using corpse-related spells to deal massive damage. One interesting aspect of this build is that it does not rely on any corpse-generating skills or resource-consuming abilities. Instead, it utilizes a combination of Shadow damage spells and corpse explosions to decimate enemies. Let's take a closer look at the key elements of this build.


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Key Skills and Abilities

  • Basic Spell: recommends using a basic spell for this build.
  • Black Miss with Corpse Explosion: This combination allows the Necromancer to deal tremendous damage by spawning corpses and triggering explosive blasts.
  • Cursed Tendrils: This skill pulls enemies together, debuffing them and setting them up for devastating damage.
  • Blood Mist: By casting this spell, the Necromancer becomes invulnerable, triggers corpses, and deals significant Shadow damage.


Unique Items

Utilizes two unique items that greatly enhance the effectiveness of this build:

  • Hallowed Hold: This unique club causes corpse explosions to be triggered by avoided skeletons, increasing explosion damage by 40%.
  • Black River: This unique item allows corpse explosions to consume additional corpses, dealing increased damage and having a larger radius.


Gear and Legendaries

The gear and legendaries chosen for this build play a crucial role in maximizing damage and survivability. Here are some notable choices:

  • Shadow Key Passive: Equipping this offhand passive significantly increases Shadow Blast damage with each hit, stacking up to 5 times.
  • Rings: Convert Bone Stone to Shadow damage to trigger Shadow Black passive more frequently, providing defensive and offensive benefits.
  • Defensive Codex: Equip defensive passives on certain pieces of gear to increase armor and survivability.


Skill Tree

The skill tree for this build emphasizes maximizing Shadow damage, corpse manipulation, and defensive bonuses. Here are some key highlights:

  • Rip: Invest points into this skill to summon corpses, increase attack speed, and reduce damage taken.
  • Corpse Explosion and Blood Mist: Allocate points to enhance the damage and utility of these skills, focusing on Shadow damage conversion and increased damage through corpses.
  • Decrepify: Allocate points to debuff enemies, slow them down, and increase damage dealt to slowed enemies.
  • Bone Storm: Choose this ultimate skill to convert Bone Storm into Darkness spells, granting damage reduction, critical strike chance, and increased sacrificial bonuses.



Nightmare Dungeon Level 100 Solo Necromancer Build offers a unique and powerful playstyle focused on corpse explosions and Shadow damage. By utilizing specific skills, unique items, and strategic gear choices, players can easily Farming Diablo 4 Gold and clear the most challenging dungeons solo.

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