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OSRS Forestry Guide: Enhance Your Woodcutting Experience

Forestry is a captivating mini-game style upgrade to the beloved woodcutting skill in Old School RuneScape. This update breathes new life into the world of Gielinor by allowing you to embark on woodcutting adventures with your friends, unlocking bonus experiences, rewards, boosts, and OSRS Gold Coins. In this beginner-friendly guide, we will delve into the exciting world of Forestry, showcasing everything you need to know to make the most of this update. So let's get started!


Segment 1: Events During Woodcutting Sessions

Before diving into the details, it is recommended to visit Trailer Village and have a conversation with the freaky Forester. This will provide you with a quick in-game overview to help you get started. Now, let's explore the events that can occur during your woodcutting sessions:


- Rising Roots Event

While cutting a tree, you might encounter angry Roots attempting to protect the tree you and your friends are cutting. Quickly cut down these Roots for extra woodcutting experience and anima-infused bark rewards.


- Flowering Tree Event

To trigger this event, a player nearby needs to have a special item called "B on a Stick." Once someone has this item, flowers may appear near the tree being cut. Your task is to pollinate the flowers by moving the stick between the correct flowers. Completing this task rewards you with additional woodcutting experience, anima-infused bark, and even herb seeds.


- Struggling Sapling Event

In this event, you'll encounter a sapling next to a tree that needs assistance to grow. Purchase the required mulch from the Forestry shop and feed it to the sapling. If done correctly, you'll receive extra woodcutting experience and anima-infused bark.


- Leprechaun Event

Any player in your group who possesses a Leprechaun Charm item can summon a helpful Leprechaun. When a tree is successfully cut down by someone with the Leprechaun Charm, there's a chance the Leprechaun will spawn, allowing you to bank all your items, including the new Forestry items and existing logs. No more manual banking is required!


Segment 2: Boosts and Post for Other Skills

Forestry brings along various boosts to enhance your woodcutting experience. To better understand them, let's discuss the items involved:


- Leaves

Leaves are new items that drop from trees in Gielinor and are stored in your Forestry backpack. Different leaves provide different boosts, such as production skill bonuses, weathering skill boosts, or extended duration for the buffs.


- Roots

Similar to leaves, roots offer secondary buffs when added to your Forestry campfires. These buffs include chances to avoid burning food while cooking or increased bird nest drops while woodcutting.


- Campfires

You can create campfires by adding leaves or roots to an existing fire. When standing next to a campfire, you can either rest to gain the benefits of the boost or interact directly with the campfire to create bigger boosts using leaves and roots. The campfire boosts are shareable among everyone nearby, promoting a sense of collaboration.


- Tea Cups

Using leaves and roots obtained from trees, you can create personalized tea cups. These tea cups provide the same boosts as campfires but are exclusively for your own use. Carry them wherever you go for easy access to the boosts.


Segment 3: Rewards

To purchase rewards, you'll need anima-infused bark, which acts as the currency for woodcutting. Additionally, the logs you obtain from woodcutting can also be used as currency. Let's explore the exciting rewards Forestry has to offer:


- Axe Handle (200X)

By purchasing the Axe Handle from the Forestry store and attaching it to your existing axe, you can gain additional woodcutting experience. However, this comes at the cost of receiving fewer logs. The Axe Handle can be traded with other players.


- B on a Stick

Crafted using woodcutting and other materials, the B on a Stick item allows you to trigger the Flowering Tree event, as explained earlier.


- Leprechaun Charm

Crafted with various requirements, the Leprechaun Charm item summons a helpful Leprechaun during woodcutting sessions. The Leprechaun banks all your woodcutting supplies automatically.


- Nature's Offering

By consuming this item, you gain a chance for an additional log while woodcutting. Nature's Offering is created using farming and woodcutting skills, along with ritual mulch from the Forestry shop.


- Secateurs Attachment

These attachments help you obtain more leaves while chopping trees. They can be placed inside your Forestry backpack, freeing up inventory space. Secateurs attachments are created using secateurs blades available at the shop.


- Log Basket and Log Base

The Log Basket, similar to the Fishing Paddle, allows you to store up to 28 logs of various types. The Log Base, when combined with your Forestry backpack and Log Basket, creates an extra inventory slot for your convenience.


- Lumberjack Outfit and Forestry Outfit

You can purchase the Lumberjack Outfit, providing a 2.5% woodcutting experience boost, directly through the Forestry minigame. Additionally, you can obtain the Forestry Outfit, a cosmetic override for the Lumberjack Outfit, by combining logs and anima-infused bark.


- Clothes Pouch

This item acts as a cosmetic override and allows you to store your Lumberjack or Forestry Outfit inside. You can benefit from the outfit's experience boost while wearing fashion scape elsewhere.


- Funky Shaped Lock (Beaver Pet Override)

This cosmetic override allows you to change the color of your Beaver pet's bed. Add a splash of personality to your beloved companion!



Forestry in Old School RuneScape is an exciting addition to the woodcutting skill, offering a plethora of events, boosts, and rewards. Remember to visit the freaky Forester in Trailer Village to kick-start your Forestry journey. With the constant updates planned by Jax, the creator of Forestry, you can expect even more events and rewards in the future. Embrace the world of woodcutting like never before and enjoy the bountiful benefits Forestry has to offer. 

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