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OSRS Most Challenging Money-Making Training: Can You Do It?

Welcome to this guide on one of the most challenging yet rewarding money-making skills in Old School RuneScape. In this guide, we will explore a skill that is not only profitable but also difficult to train. If you are up for the challenge and willing to put in the effort, this skill has the potential to make you rich. Let's dive in!


OSRS Most Challenging Money-Making Training: Can You Do It?


Assessing Money-Making Options

  • Start by considering various money-making methods in Gielinor.
  • Look for options that are reasonably close and attainable with a small number of chunks (areas in the game).
  • Explore different bosses, quests, and monsters for potential profit opportunities.


Monkey Madness 2: Unlocking Demonic Gorillas

  • Monkey Madness 2 is a quest that unlocks the ability to fight Demonic Gorillas.
  • Demonic Gorillas drop Zenyte shards, valued at around 10 million each.
  • These creatures can be killed with relatively low-level gear, making them a great combat Gold maker.


Slayer Training and Slayer Masters

  • Slayer is a skill that takes players all around Gielinor to fight various monsters.
  • Unlock a Slayer master to start doing legitimate Slayer tasks.
  • Consider the diversity of tasks and the monsters you have already unlocked.
  • Neve, a Slayer master, offers a reasonable task list with the potential for good drops.


Slayer Cave and Slayer Grind

  • The Stronghold Slayer Cave is crucial for Slayer training.
  • It contains common Slayer assignments like Bloodvelds, Hellhounds, Fire Giants, and more.
  • Unlock the cave and complete tasks to progress your Slayer level.


Obtaining Slayer Points

  • Completing Slayer tasks will earn you Slayer points.
  • Accumulate enough points to skip undesirable tasks and eventually block certain monsters.
  • Aim to build up a stockpile of points for flexibility in task selection.


Efficient Travel Options

  • Unlock transportation methods that make travelling easier.
  • Utilize the hot air balloon system for quick access to different regions.
  • Consider other modes of transportation to save time and reach desired locations.


Money-Making Opportunities Along the Way

  • Keep an eye out for potential money-making methods during your journey.
  • Explore shops, item prices, and unique items that could fetch a good price on the Grand Exchange.
  • For example, purchasing Equa leaves in bulk from Grand Tree Groceries and reselling them can be a profitable venture.


Agility Training and Sepulchre

  • Invest time in training Agility, as it opens up new money-making opportunities.
  • Sepulchre is an agility course that becomes more lucrative as you progress.
  • Aim to reach higher agility levels to unlock better rewards and increase your earnings.


Equipment Upgrades

  • Invest in gear upgrades that will enhance your combat abilities.
  • Consider purchasing items like the Ahrim's robetop and bottom for better boss fights and increased profits.


Unlocking New Chunks

  • As you progress, unlock new chunks to access more content and quests.
  • Unlock areas that contain important locations, shops, and potential money-making methods.
  • Evaluate the cost and benefits of unlocking each chunk and prioritize based on your goals.


Adventure in New Regions

  • Explore newly unlocked areas and complete quests to progress your journey.
  • Take advantage of the content available in each region, such as shops and unique monsters.
  • Continuously expand your knowledge and adapt your money-making strategies as you venture further.



Training Slayer in Old School RuneScape can be a challenging yet highly profitable endeavour. By unlocking key quests, expanding your monster pool, and utilizing efficient transportation methods, you can maximize your money-making potential. Remember to be patient and persistent, as the rewards of this skill will come with time. 

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