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Diablo 4 Hidden Endgame Secrets: Top 10 Tips & Strategies

Diablo 4 is an incredible game that offers a captivating experience for players. While the game provides important information, there are several secrets and tips that can greatly enhance your gameplay. In this guide, we will explore 10 endgame secrets that the game doesn't explicitly tell you. These secrets range from leveling strategies to optimizing legendary gear and improving your overall experience. So let's dive in and discover how to double your legendary power and more in Diablo 4!



Diablo 4 Hidden Endgame Secrets: Top 10 Tips & Strategies


Leveling Strategy

Contrary to what you might expect, leveling excessively in Diablo 4 doesn't necessarily mean increased power. Most enemies scale with your level, resulting in a sense of balance. Instead of solely focusing on leveling, prioritize other aspects that contribute to your power, such as collecting altars of Lilith and increasing your renown. These actions provide bonus stats, skill points, and paragon points, allowing you to outscale enemies designed to match your level.


Amplify Legendary Power

Numerical legendaries, which display specific numbers rather than percentages, can be improved beyond their maximum roll values. By upgrading the gear that contains these legendaries before extracting them, you can increase the numerical values of the legendary effect. Upgrade the gear at the blacksmith or jeweler and then extract the aspect to obtain a stronger legendary. This method allows you to maximize the potential of these legendaries and significantly boost your power.


Enable Advanced Tool Tips

In the options menu under gameplay settings, enable the Advanced Tools Tip, Compare, and Advanced Tool Tip Information options. These settings provide detailed information about your gear, including potential rolls for numerical values and affixes. Having this information helps you understand your equipment better and make more informed decisions when changing gears.


Don't Rely Solely on Attack Power

The attack power stat displayed on your character screen is a basic calculation that only encompasses some aspects of your character's strength. It doesn't consider a critical chance, critical damage, vulnerabilities, stat boosts, or skill effects. While the attack power provides some insight, rely on something other than it to gauge your overall power. Consider other factors that contribute to your build's effectiveness.


Craft Gems in Advance

Instead of waiting for higher-tier Diablo 4 gems to drop, visit the jeweler in town periodically to see if you can craft the next tier of gems. You can craft gems using the previous tier, even before encountering them. For example, you can craft Royal gems at level 70. Having higher-tier gems equipped provides a significant boost to your character's power.


Leave Legendaries on the Ground

If your inventory is full and you can't pick up a legendary item, don't worry. The game ensures that any legendaries left behind will appear in your stash when you return to town. The stash will have a notification indicating lost items, and you can retrieve the legendaries there. This feature allows you to collect missed legendaries without having to discard other items.


Farm Higher-Tier Loot in Hell Tides

If you have reached World Tier 4 but aren't strong enough to handle Hell Tides comfortably, there's a trick to obtain higher-tier loot. Farm Hell Tides on World Tier 3 and accumulate cinders without spending them. Then, switch to World Tier 4, teleport to Kiovashod, interact with the world tier statue, and change to World Tier 4. Return to the Hell Tides area, and you can open caches that offer significantly higher potential loot while still fighting World Tier 3 enemies.


Disabling Resource Insufficiency Alerts

If your build relies heavily on a specific resource and you often find yourself running low, you might be annoyed by the character's constant reminders that you don't have enough resources. Fortunately, you can disable these audio alerts. Head to the options menu, go to the sound category, and find the setting called Player Audio on Error. Turn it off, and you'll be spared from the constant reminders.


Customizing Item Drop Sounds

As you progress, you might become focused on specific types of loot, such as legendaries. In the audio options menu, you can customize the item drop sounds to only play audio cues for loot that matches certain criteria. For example, you can set it to play a sound only for unique weapons. This feature helps you pay attention to the loot that matters most to you, making farming more efficient.


Horse Speed Control

Controlling your horse's speed can be crucial for navigating the game world quickly. By adjusting your cursor's position relative to the center of the screen, you can control the horse's speed. Moving the cursor closer to the center slows down the horse while moving it further from the center makes the horse go faster. Additionally, using the spur button while your cursor is in the corner will greatly increase the horse's speed. Mastering this control detail can save you a significant amount of time while travelling.



Diablo 4 offers a captivating gameplay experience, by following these tips and strategies, you can double your legendary power, optimize your gear, and improve your overall experience in Diablo 4. Enjoy exploring the game and uncovering its hidden secrets!

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