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How to Obtain the Best Legendary Items in Diablo 4?

Obtaining the best legendary items in Diablo 4 is a common goal for many players. However, it's important to note that this guide primarily applies to players who have reached Level 50 or above and have unlocked World Tier 3 or higher. In this guide, we will explore the different tiers of legendary items, the importance of Nightmare dungeons, and tips for maximizing your chances of acquiring powerful ancestral and sacred legendaries.

How to Obtain the Best Legendary Items in Diablo 4?


Understanding Legendary Item Tiers

In Diablo 4, legendary items are categorized into different tiers based on their quality and power. The tiers, from lowest to highest, are: normal, sacred, and ancestral. It's crucial to grasp the significance of each tier to effectively optimize your gear.

  • Normal Legendary Items: These are the most common legendary items and can be found throughout various difficulties, including veteran and adventurer modes. While they can still be useful, their power is surpassed by sacred and ancestral legendaries.
  • Sacred Legendary Items: Nightmare difficulty introduces sacred legendaries, which offer superior stats and bonuses compared to normal legendaries. They provide a significant boost to your character's power and are a step above normal legendaries.
  • Ancestral Legendary Items: The most potent and sought-after tier, ancestral legendaries, are only available in torment difficulty. They outclass both sacred and normal legendaries, providing the highest stats and bonuses. Acquiring ancestral legendaries is the ultimate goal for many players.


Nightmare Dungeons and Increased Drop Rates

Nightmare dungeons play a crucial role in obtaining higher-quality legendary items. According to Diablo 4 Associate Game Director, Joseph, items dropped in Nightmare dungeons have a higher chance of being sacred or ancestral. This means that running nightmare dungeons significantly increases the ratio of usable legendaries dropped.

  • Importance of Nightmare Dungeons: Nightmare dungeons not only provide a higher chance of acquiring sacred or ancestral legendaries but they are also being further buffed in terms of item quantity and quality. Diablo 4 developers have confirmed upcoming updates to enhance the Nightmare Dungeon experience.
  • Glyph Leveling: Nightmare dungeon farming offers an enjoyable way to level your glyphs. As you farm these dungeons, you'll gain experience for your glyphs, which are essential for increasing your character's strength beyond the maximum level cap.


Tips for Efficient Farming

To make the most of your legendary item farming in Diablo 4, follow these tips:

  • Prioritize Nightmare Dungeons: Start farming nightmare dungeons as early as World Tier 3, even at Level 50, for a substantial boost in item quality and drop rates. The upcoming updates will further improve the experience and provide quality-of-life changes, making nightmare dungeons the go-to farming method.
  • Craft Sigils: Take advantage of the ability to craft sigils. By doing so, you can enhance your chances of obtaining better drops in nightmare dungeons. This crafting option becomes available as early as Tier 3.
  • Embrace Dungeon Farming: Dungeon farming not only yields the best-quality items and lot of Diablo 4 Gold but also allows you to level up your glyphs, enhancing your character's overall power. This combination makes nightmare dungeons the most efficient and rewarding farming method.



Obtaining the best legendary items in Diablo 4 requires a strategic approach. By focusing on nightmare dungeons and understanding the tiers of legendary items, you can significantly increase your chances of acquiring powerful sacred and ancestral legendaries. Remember to keep an eye out for upcoming updates that will further enhance the nightmare dungeon experience. 

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