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Runescape Guide: Woodcutting Rework and Parcels from the Dead Currency Event

Welcome to this week's Runescape update! Prepare to embark on a journey through Woodcutter's Grove and participate in the exciting currency event called Parcels from the Dead. Grab your cup of tea, sit back, relax, and dive into these new features details.

Runescape Guide: Woodcutting Rework and Parcels from the Dead Currency Event


Woodcutting Rework: The Woodcutter's Grove

The Woodcutting Rework introduces a new area called the Woodcutter's Grove, along with various improvements to the woodcutting skill. To access the Grove, you need to construct a new building called The Grove Cabin, which is located east of 4th Renfree.

Follow these steps to build the cabin:

  • Speak to Oak, a new NPC, introduced in this update.
  • Complete a series of tasks involving running back and forth between Oak and Bill.
  • Construct a new wall section using six regular logs and six Stone Wall segments.
  • Chat with Oak again after building the tier-one Grove Cabin.


Once you have built the Grove Cabin, you can upgrade it to tiers 2 and 3, unlocking additional benefits. Upgrading the cabin improves the variety of trees available in the Grove and provides access to a new tree patch, a Fairer Ring teleport, and the chance to obtain the brand new Bird's Nests. These nests have a chance to give you Camera Hatchet pieces, which can be used to create the new territory hatchet. Additionally, the nests contain Woodstone Spirits, which grant double logs when used.


A new Wood Box can also be created and upgraded using logs. The Wood Box can store up to 260 of each type of log, Bird's Nests, and Woodstone Spirits.


The woodcutting rework has brought significant changes to the skill, including adjustments to level ranges, hatchet tiers, and chopping speed. From limited testing, it appears that magic and elder trees now offer improved rates, comparable to the speed of Golden Bamboo. However, it is important to conduct further testing to determine the baseline and best XP rates for woodcutting.


Construction Changes and New Planks

In addition to the woodcutting rework, the Construction skill has received some changes. New tiers of planks, refined planks, and frames have been introduced, leading up to Elder Wood. With these new materials, Gigantic has updated the recipes and XP values for certain 4th Room free buildings. Stay tuned for a separate covering the new XP rates requiring extensive testing.


The construction speed rates have improved significantly, making the skill progression much smoother. However, it's worth noting that the new frames are expensive, making self-production the most viable option for testing.


Parcels from the Dead Currency Event

Jagex has introduced a new currency event called Parcels from the Dead, which will last until July 17th. During this event, players can collect a new currency called Last Wills. You can obtain Last Wills by participating in various Skilling or combat activities and through Treasure Hunter.


These Last Wills can be traded in at Posty Pete for four different tiers of Forgotten Belongings, ranging from small to soulful. What makes this event particularly exciting is the introduction of incredibly strong Skilling items as rewards from the medium tier prizes and above. However, please note that these items cannot be traded, bought, or sold, and they seem to expire after a little over a month.


In addition to the Skilling items, the event offers various rewards such as titles and the Soul Witch outfit. However, the most highly anticipated prize is the brand-new Soul Die. The Soul Die resembles the Fire Cape but with a distinct soul-like appearance. It creates a unique animation when equipped with armour, and its effect on weapons is yet to be seen.

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