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Diablo 4 Hoarfrost Demise Guide: Power of Dungeon for XP and Gold Farming

Diablo 4 has a dungeon that stands out as an exceptional XP farming location, offering unparalleled rewards. While this dungeon is initially accessible only during a specific questline, there are ways to revisit it later. In this guide, we'll explore the dungeon, explain the questline involved, and share tips on maximizing your XP and D4 Gold gains. Get ready to uncover the secrets of the Hoarfrost Demise dungeon and take your character's power to new heights!

Diablo 4 Hoarfrost Demise Guide: Power of Dungeon for XP and Gold Farming


Starting the Questline

To embark on this XP farming adventure, you'll need to pick up the quest from Cena, located within the Bear Tribal Refuge. The Wave Paint will open up upon clearing the initial area, making way for populated encounters. Here, you'll meet Sella, who will offer you a quest called Shared Tribute. This quest leads you to the Hoarfrost Demise dungeon, where the XP and Gold farming magic begins.


Questline Stages

The quest line consists of four parts, each unlocking new stages and opportunities within the dungeon. The first part is Shared Tribute, followed by Hammer of the Champion, Beast Challenge, and finally, Call of the Ancients. If you have any of these quests active, you can access the dungeon for the XP farm. The real XP bonanza begins with Call of the Ancients, so strive to reach this stage to reap the maximum benefits.


Executing the XP Farm

Once inside the Hoarfrost Demise dungeon, you aim to clear out enemies and accumulate massive amounts of XP. However, it's crucial not to complete the dungeon or defeat the boss. Your strategy is to clear everything but refrain from progressing the quest objective.


Here's how the XP farm method works:

  • Explore the dungeon, eliminating enemies in every corner while avoiding boss encounters.
  • Once you reach the boss encounter, leave the dungeon as usual and quit the game.
  • Reload the game, and the dungeon will reset, with all enemies returning.
  • Repeat the process by reentering the dungeon, clearing it out, and exiting again.

This method allows you to farm XP efficiently by resetting the dungeon repeatedly. Players have reported success with this technique. Alternatively, some players have mentioned abandoning and picking up the quest again to achieve a similar reset effect. Experiment with both methods to find the one that works best for you.


Important Considerations

If you've already completed the entire questline and reached Call of the Ancients, you won't be able to reset the dungeon for farming purposes. Unfortunately, once the questline concludes, the XP farm opportunity vanishes.

The size of the dungeon is relatively small, making it possible to clear it quickly, especially with powerful character builds.

While the guide assumes solo play, group play can likely work if the host has the quest active. This enables team members to join and benefit from XP and Gold farming.



The Hoarfrost Demise dungeon in Diablo 4 presents an incredible XP farming opportunity. Although initially tied to a questline, the ability to reset the dungeon allows for continuous farming sessions and significant XP gains. Remember to avoid completing the dungeon or defeating the boss to maintain the XP farm. Take advantage of this method while it lasts, as there's a chance that Blizzard may adjust the dungeon's mechanics in the future. 

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