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Diablo 4 Hallowed Glacier Dungeon: Farming Millions of Gold and Experience

In Diablo 4, efficient farming methods are essential for acquiring wealth and experience quickly. In this guide, we'll explore a farming strategy that can yield over 20 million gold per hour and 10 million experience per hour. This method focuses on hunting elites and utilizing the Night Message or Reset glitch. By following this guide, you'll optimize your farming runs and maximize your rewards.

Diablo 4 Hallowed Glacier Dungeon: Farming Millions of Gold and Experience



To implement this farming method, you'll need a Sigil of either Nightmare or Ancestral quality, depending on your farming preference. Additionally, having access to the Bear Tribe Refuge dungeon is crucial. If you've already completed the dungeon, you'll need to team up with a friend who hasn't or utilize a junior joint to reset the dungeon. Adventurer and Veteran players will need to use the log out glitch for resetting.


Unlocking the Bear Tribe Refuge Dungeon

To unlock the Bear Tribe Refuge dungeon, you need to complete a series of quests. Speak to the NPC named Gregonauts and accept the quests Hammer of the Champion and Beast Challenge. Proceed south to an NPC named Sella and accept the quest The Shattered Tribute. Complete these three quests as instructed, collecting bones, killing Skeleton Constructs, and interacting with quest items. Once finished, teleport back to Bear Tribe Refuge and hand in the quests to unlock the dungeon.


Farming Method

  • Activate the Nightmare or Ancestral Sigil and enter the Nightmare dungeon.
  • As you progress through the dungeon, focus on hunting elites rather than clearing every enemy.
  • The layout of the side quest dungeon, Hallowed Glacier, remains consistent with each run.
  • Head to the Bear Tribe Refuge, located east of Fractured Peaks.
  • Inside the Bear Tribe Refuge, take either the upper or lower path; they both lead to the same place.
  • Avoid most mobs and concentrate on finding elite packs.
  • There will be two packs of elites in total, with six elites to kill.
  • Elite packs in this dungeon have a high drop chance for staves, which sell for significant amounts of gold.
  • Proceed forward and jump down, finding an alcove to your left. Inside, there will be three or six elites.


If there are only three elites initially, killing them will spawn two or three more spirits behind you. Dispatch them as well.

  • Move forward and eliminate the three elites ahead.
  • Approximately 40 seconds into the run, you should have already killed 16 elites.
  • You have the option to reset here, but it's not necessary.
  • Proceed forward, avoiding opening the door you encounter.
  • Continue killing the three elites you come across.
  • Choose the south path, and you'll have another split, where you should take the right path.
  • Follow the right path until you reach a quest elite that drops no loot, but there will be a regular elite pack nearby.
  • Check the alcove below this area, as it can contain more elite packs.
  • Continue heading south and be alert for additional elite packs in the Amazon or the alcove below.


Check above you as you progress; there may be an elite pack waiting.

  • After killing the elites, use the teleportation point and return to town or Bear Tribe Refuge.
  • Sell your loot at a local merchant and repeat the farming run.



By efficiently executing the farming method, you can expect to kill 34 elites in approximately two minutes. With careful looting and selling, you can amass around 900,000 gold in three minutes, equating to 18 million Diablo 4 gold per hour. Additionally, this method yields substantial experience gains, with around 700,000 experience per run, and 200,000 from picking up gold off the floor. The potential rewards make this farming strategy incredibly lucrative.



Utilizing the Night Message or Reset glitch, the Bear Tribe Refuge dungeon in Diablo 4 becomes an ideal spot for farming gold and experience. By focusing on elite packs and efficiently resetting the dungeon, you can amass over 20 million gold per hour and gain significant experience. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to unlock the dungeon and optimize your farming runs. 

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