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OSRS Build Guide: The Craziest Low Combat Level with Hammer

In the world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), players constantly strive to create unique and powerful character builds. Today, we present to you the most mind-boggling low-level build we have ever encountered. This build boasts an Attack level of 99, Strength level of 99, and Defense level of 20, with an incredibly low 69 Hit Points. Despite its unconventional setup, this build reaches a mere 58 combat level. Let's delve into the details of this extraordinary build and discover its potential.


The Hammer: A Unique Requirement

One of the defining aspects of this build is the Hammer weapon, which has a requirement of 75 Strength. This specific requirement allows the account to utilize a single attack style effectively. The Hammer pairs exceptionally well with a full corrupted status, granting an additional 15 accuracy on special attacks. Surprisingly, the Hammer only necessitates 20 Defense to wield, making it a perfect fit for this build.


Unparalleled Combat Experience

Prepare to witness an account unlike any other you've seen before. The combination of high Attack and Strength levels, low Defense, and unconventional Hit Points make for a distinct combat experience. As we delve into the battles, you'll witness the sheer power and effectiveness of this build.


Unleashing the Hammer's Might

Watch in awe as our character utilizes the Hammer's strength to deliver devastating blows. The low Hit Points may seem concerning, but the immense power of the build compensates for it. With each successful attack, you'll see the impact this build can have on its opponents.


Unpredictable Fights and Spectacular Kills

Experience the adrenaline rush of unpredictable battles. The unique dynamics of this build often catch opponents off guard. Witness remarkable kills, insane max hits, and unexpected spec combos. From incredible smacks to overwhelming hits, this build will leave you in awe.


Noteworthy Loot and Rewards

While the loot from this combat bracket might not be the most lucrative, it is undeniably thrilling. Discover the potential rewards and surprises that await you in the course of these battles. From valuable drops to rare items and OSRS Coins, this build proves that greatness can be achieved even at lower levels.



In a world where character builds continue to evolve and surprise, the craziest low-level build in OSRS has taken center stage. With its unconventional stat distribution, devastating Hammer strikes, and exhilarating battles, this build pushes the boundaries of what is possible. Witness the power of this account firsthand and prepare to be amazed by its unmatched combat prowess.

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