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OSRS Milestones Guide: Medium Clues, Slayer Rings, and Monkey Madness II

This OSRS guide will cover various exciting milestones and activities in Old School RuneScape. From obtaining a cute helm to levelling up crafting and embarking on quests, there's plenty to explore and accomplish. Join us as we delve into medium clue scrolls, Slayer rings, and the Monkey Madness II quest.

OSRS Milestones Guide: Medium Clues, Slayer Rings, and Monkey Madness II


Medium Clues and Crafting

Firstly, congratulations on obtaining a cute helm! With a crafting level of 75, you can now easily tackle medium clue scrolls. Medium clues offer a range of exciting rewards and present a fun challenge to complete. Stock up on the necessary items and prepare for some rewarding adventures!


Additionally, the level 75 crafting milestone is significant as it unlocks the ability to craft Slayer rings. Although you may not have the ability, focus on earning more Slayer points by completing Slayer tasks. Once you have enough points, you can purchase the ability to craft Slayer rings and benefit from their useful effects.


Divine Rune Pouches

Another exciting aspect of reaching level 75 crafting is the ability to create divine Rune pouches. These pouches allow you to store essence for Runecrafting while taking up fewer inventory slots. They are a valuable asset for efficient Runecrafting runs and can greatly enhance your experience in the skill. Don't forget to take advantage of this newfound crafting ability!


Gold-Making Strategies

Fear not if you find yourself low on funds after spending three million OSRS Gold on bursting spells! There are several ways to replenish your coffers. Consider focusing on Slayer tasks with valuable drops, such as Nechryaels, Abyssal Demons, and Gargoyles. These creatures can provide you with decent profits, mainly if you aim for rare drops like the Abyssal Dagger or the Dragon Warhammer.


Another option is engaging in activities like Chompy Bird Hunting or completing clue scrolls. Both can yield valuable rewards and help you accumulate wealth over time. Evaluate your options and choose the method that suits your playstyle and preferences.


Monkey Madness II and Zulrah Preparation

It's fantastic to hear that you're considering pushing your stats for Monkey Madness II. Completing this quest will unlock new areas and provide access to desirable rewards. One approach could be levelling up your combat stats by engaging in Slayer tasks, which can simultaneously provide experience and valuable drops.


In preparation for the quest, ensure you have the necessary equipment. While a Crystal Bow can be useful, a Magic Longbow can suffice for the final fight. Don't forget to stock up on supplies and strategize your approach to maximize your chances of success.


Additional Milestones and Achievements

Throughout your journey, you'll come across various milestones and achievements that deserve celebration.

Here are a few noteworthy ones mentioned in your conversation:

  • Obtaining a Granite Shield and adding it to the group storage.
  • Achieving level 68 Slayer, unlocking Spiritual Warriors.
  • Acquiring multiple unique items and a clue scroll during a task.
  • Reaching level 70 Farming, which allows you to interact with Poison Ivy.
  • Completing a task with 165 trolls, earning four Rune Kiteshields, a Rune Warhammer, and a Granite Shield.
  • Gaining level 84 Hitpoints, a level that often sneaks up on players.
  • Receiving a whip drop, significantly upgrades your weapon.
  • Hitting level 69 Slayer, a requirement for Monkey Madness II.
  • Reaching level 60 Firemaking and only needing one more level in Hunter.
  • Achieving level 60 Hunter and planning to complete Monkey Madness II soon.



Congratulations on your progress and achievements in Old School RuneScape. The previous response was: There is level 75 crafting, and if we look at the bank, we have just under 9,000 molten glass. The banked XP plugin shows that we should reach level 80 crafting if we blow all of them. So let's get started and blow all this glass. Hopefully, we won't have to return to the sand mine again before reaching level 80.

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