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Diablo 4 Dungeons Tier List: Best Location for Efficient Gold and Exp Farming

In Diablo 4, efficient dungeon farming is essential for gaining experience and acquiring valuable loot. This guide will provide a tiered list of the best dungeons to farm based on their effectiveness in terms of experience gained and overall efficiency. Whether seeking whole experience, D4 Gold or legendary drops, this guide will help you optimize your farming strategy.



B-Tier Dungeons

- Lost Archive

Lost Archive is a B-tier dungeon due to lower experience gains and its expansive size, requiring substantial exploration. While it offers a decent amount of experience, you may spend more time navigating the dungeon than engaging in combat. Participate in events to maximize experience gains. Overall, Lost Archive should be approached cautiously, as its drawbacks may outweigh its benefits.


- Zenith

Zenith is another B-tier dungeon that can be accessed relatively early. However, the experience gains are less impressive than higher world tiers. When attempting Zenith on higher world tiers, the experience gains increase. Nevertheless, Zenith's backtracking elements and mediocre experience gains make it a less favorable choice for efficient farming.


- Avoid

The following dungeons should be avoided due to low experience gains and subpar enemy encounters:

  • Dark Ravine
  • Prison of Calvin
  • Black Asylum


A-Tier Dungeons

- Maugan's Work (or Works)

Maugan's Works is a good A-tier dungeon for the farming experience. While it may not offer the highest experience and Gold gains, around 500k to 600k Exp, the amount varies depending on the events and enemy presence. The dungeon contains closely grouped enemy encounters. While not as efficient for farming legendaries, Maugan's Work is still highly recommended for experience farming, especially considering its relatively easy boss encounter.


- Sunken Ruins

Sunken Ruins presents many enemies grouped, making it favourable for experience farming. However, the dungeon does involve some backtracking, which can be tedious. The boss encounter in Sunken Ruins is relatively straightforward, allowing you to progress smoothly. While it may not be the most efficient in terms of optimal pathing, Sunken Ruins remains a viable A-tier choice for the farming experience and Gold.


- Kor Dragan Barracks

Kor Dragan Barracks is a surprisingly good dungeon for farming experience and Gold. The only downside is the backtracking required to release the chains and access the gate, which can become tiresome and monotonous over time. Despite this, Kor Dragan Barracks offers decent experience gains and relatively easy boss encounters. Consider your preferences for backtracking when deciding whether to include this dungeon in your farming rotation.


S-Tier Dungeons

- Onyx Hold

Diablo 4 Dungeons Tier List: Best Location for Efficient Gold and Exp Farming

Onyx Hold is an exciting and rewarding dungeon for the farming experience. It offers a multitude of enemies, often grouped or spawning near your location. The dungeon features events with waves of enemies, providing substantial experience and Diablo 4 Gold gains. Pay attention to the bottom portion of the screen to track your experience progress. Onyx Hold is a straightforward dungeon with minimal backtracking, making it an ideal S-tier choice for farming.


- Earthen Wound

Earthen Wound is another excellent dungeon for experience farming. With the potential to gain around 900k experience, farming in a group becomes even more lucrative. Remember to utilize elixirs to boost your farming efficiency. The dungeon features a linear path, requiring you to take down barricades in each section to trigger enemy spawns. This straightforward design makes Earthen Wound an optimal choice for the farming experience and Gold.


- Additional S-Tier Dungeons



Efficient dungeon farming is crucial in Diablo 4 for levelling up and acquiring valuable loot. This tiered guide provides insights into the best dungeons to farm based on experience gains and overall efficiency. Choose dungeons from the S-tier and A-tier categories for optimal results. Be mindful of backtracking elements and consider your preferred playstyle when selecting dungeons.

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