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Diablo 4 Guide: Smoothly and Increasing survivability in Torment Difficulty with Iron Skin Elixir

In this Diablo 4 guide, we'll discuss the ideal time to transition to Tournament difficulty and how to progress effectively. If you're new to the game, check out the to 100 progression guide for a comprehensive understanding of the basics. Specifically, we'll focus on the Capstone dungeon and the transition from Nightmare of Goldie to Tournament difficulty. Additionally, we'll provide tips for progressing smoothly and increasing survivability.

Diablo 4 Guide: Smoothly and Increasing survivability in Torment Difficulty with Iron Skin Elixir


Transitioning to Tournament Difficulty

When playing in Hardcore mode, it's recommended to progress to Tournament difficulty relatively early. Typically, I tackle the Fallen Temple Capstone dungeon at around levels 62 to 63. While some players attempt it earlier, it can be pretty challenging due to the exponential increase in damage when you're under-levelled compared to the monsters. However, there is a way to mitigate this difficulty.


Increasing Defenses with the Iron Skin Elixir

If you find yourself lacking in defenses but your damage output is sufficient, consider using the Iron Skin Elixir. This elixir provides 900 armor, significantly boosting your survivability. I explained the importance of defensive stats, such as armor, in improving your chances of surviving in later stages of the game. By using the Iron Skin Elixir, you can effectively increase your damage reduction against physical damage.


Calculating the Impact of the Elixir

Before consuming the Iron Skin Elixir, check your armor contribution and damage reduction. Let's assume you had 68 damage reduction from armor against level 70 monsters. By using the elixir, your damage reduction could increase to 90, significantly improving survivability. Keep in mind that the exact armor value required to reach a specific damage reduction varies based on your level and the monster's level.


Obtaining the Iron Skin Elixir

The Iron Skin Elixir cannot be crafted; you need to find it as a random drop or through potential quest rewards. It's advisable to farm HellTides while playing in Nightmare difficulty to acquire drop-only elixirs. Opening the Mysterious Chest during HellTides may grant you an Iron Skin Elixir. Accumulating a few of these elixirs will greatly enhance your survivability when transitioning to Tournament difficulty.


The Capstone Dungeon and Boss Fight Tips

With the aid of the Iron Skin Elixir, the Capstone dungeon becomes more manageable. You'll notice a significant reduction in damage taken, allowing you to navigate through level 70 monsters with relative ease. During boss fights, pay attention to their mechanics. For example, Elias, one of the early challenging boss fights, utilizes fireballs and cone attacks.


For fireball attacks, avoid standing close to the boss and instead move away, allowing the fireballs to spread out before they activate. This minimizes the chances of getting hit. For cone attacks, the boss may cast multiple cones sequentially, covering a specific area. Position yourself behind the boss or wait for the first cone to clear before moving to its starting point for subsequent cones.


Transitioning to Torment Difficulty

After completing the challenging Capstone dungeon, which marks a significant milestone in your progression, it's time to consider transitioning to Torment difficulty. This decision is entirely up to you, but I recommend doing so after finishing the Capstone dungeon, as it's the harder part of the progress. By reaching Torment difficulty, you unlock increased XP gain from monsters and the opportunity to find ancestral items, powerful upgrades for your character.


To make the transition, head to the Voltage Statue and change to World Tier 4 immediately. This allows you to start encountering level 73+ monsters in open-world content. Keep in mind that Torment difficulty poses higher risks and challenges, so it's crucial to ensure your character's strength before diving in.


Tips for Progressing in Torment Difficulty

  • Focus on Easy Content: When starting out in Torment difficulty, it's wise to engage in relatively easy content. Complete side quests and other activities that provide XP, Gold and contribute to your Renown. This approach allows you to gain levels faster, even without following specific farming metas.
  • Local Events and Whispers: Take advantage of local events and Whispers encounters. These activities can yield valuable rewards, such as orbs and sigils, which can be used to upgrade your gear. Additionally, you might come across legendary items and other useful rewards while exploring these events.
  • Strongholds: Strongholds have a unique feature in Torment difficulty. They override the minimum level requirement of monsters, always scaling them to be exactly two levels higher than your character. Although strongholds don't offer significant loot drops, they provide an excellent opportunity to gain extra XP. Use this to your advantage, especially if you still have strongholds left to complete for Renown or waypoint unlocks.
  • Level Progression: As you continue in Torment difficulty, gradually tackle dungeons, starting with easier ones and working your way up to Nightmare dungeons. Leveling your Cliffs becomes essential, as reaching level 15 provides a noticeable power spike. Aim to optimize your Cliffs up to level 21 for even greater power.
  • Ancestral Item Drops: Ancestral items have a minimum level requirement of 60. Therefore, it's not recommended to switch to Torment difficulty before reaching level 60. However, once you do, ancestral drops will start coming in relatively quickly. Keep an eye out for these powerful upgrades and replace your gear accordingly.

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