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Runescape Guide: Maximizing Rewards from Last Wills

Welcome, fellow adventurers, to this exciting new Runescape guide! In this article, we will explore the incredible loot possibilities that come from 24K Last Wills. If you've been keeping up with the game, you know that Last Wills have been introduced to the Treasure Hunter. As I was on my woodcutting grind, aiming for the elusive Mikado Hatchet, I managed to accumulate 24K Last Wills. Now it's time to claim our rewards! Join me as we delve into the treasures that await us.



Runescape Guide: Maximizing Rewards from Last Wills


Claiming Your Rewards

To claim your rewards, head over to Prospector Percy and initiate a trade. He will gladly exchange your Last Wills for various rewards. Additionally, don't forget to collect your daily reward, which provides a chance at obtaining the coveted Soul Die. After this article, I plan to explore the rewards on my noob account for a month and also aim for another 100K Runescape GP on my main account by engaging in activities like mining and completing clues for the Book A book.


Unveiling the Loot

Let's start by opening the white loot, known as Forgotten Belongings. With 250 rolls or 25,000 Last Wills, we have a chance at some exciting rewards. Although obtaining a Soul Die is unlikely with such a small number of rolls, we have 13 purple rewards, which offer better prospects. Prepare for a rapid opening of these rewards!


The Loot Highlights

  • Titles: Among the loot, we discovered two titles - "I'm Linda" and "Varic." These titles can add a touch of uniqueness to your character and are excellent for creating interesting thumbnails for videos.
  • Crypt Sign: Valued at 1.4 million gold pieces, the Crypt Sign can fetch a decent sum if sold on the Grand Exchange. However, the final selling price may vary.
  • Enhancers: We received numerous enhancers, which are great for Skilling activities. While they may occupy valuable bank space, they provide useful benefits.
  • Ashes, Bones, and Slime: Various types of ashes, bones, and buckets of slime are also part of the loot. These items can impact the market prices due to their increased availability, so consider their future value before making any decisions.
  • Life in Soul: Unveiling the Life in Soul reward added a unique cosmetic item to our collection. Cosmetics are always a fun addition to our characters' appearances.


Evaluating the Loot

In terms of profitability, we made a total of 800K Runescape gold pieces from the loot obtained with 24,000 Last Wills. While this amount may not be significant for those seeking maximum profits, it's important to note that the real value lies in participating in these events while pursuing regular Skilling activities. Additionally, the chance to obtain high-value items like the Soul Die or expensive cosmetics makes it worth the effort.



That concludes our adventure through the rewards obtained from 24,000 Last Wills. This event, although potentially seen as a bit lazy on Jagex's part, offers a fun way to reward players for their regular gameplay. It fills a gap where certain items, such as bones, were becoming imbalanced due to their scarcity. Remember to engage in these events without resorting to purchasing keys or spins. By focusing on your regular Skilling activities, you can accumulate Last Wills and enjoy the rewards they bring.

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