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Diablo 4 Patch Update: Dungeons, Class Balance and Mechanics Changes on June 27th

We tackle the burning question on every player's mind: when will the highly anticipated Diablo 4 balance patch arrive? We've recently seen numerous hotfixes and minor changes, but the community eagerly awaits a comprehensive patch that brings everything together. Based on hints and clues, this much-awaited balance patch might be landing this Tuesday, the 27th, as indicated on the launcher. This guide delves into what we can expect from the upcoming patch and how it could impact the game.

Diablo 4 Patch Update: Dungeons, Class Balance and Mechanics Changes on June 27th


Nightmare Dungeons

One of the confirmed buffs in the upcoming patch is focused on Nightmare Dungeons. The developers have clarified that they intend for Nightmare Dungeons to become the endgame content of choice, surpassing regular dungeons in value and experience gain. However, they have struggled to provide adequate incentives for players to engage with this content fully. While they have already confirmed an increase in XP and Diablo 4 Gold rewards for Nightmare Dungeons, there is hope for further improvements. These could include greater elite density, enhanced legendary and unique item drops in higher-tier dungeons, and better rewards. Additionally, players are eagerly anticipating the introduction of a teleportation feature to access Nightmare Dungeons conveniently, although it remains uncertain if this will be included in this particular patch.


Class Balance

All classes in Diablo 4 could benefit from some buffs to make underused abilities, skills, and passives more viable. Currently, certain meta builds dominate each class, leaving many intriguing options largely neglected. For instance, the Blood Necromancer class suffers from the overwhelming popularity of the Bone Storm ultimate, which offers significant damage over time, damage reduction, and crit chance increase. Other abilities like Blood Wave fall short in comparison due to lower damage output and limited utility. This trend is not exclusive to the Necromancer class but applies to all classes in the game.


The upcoming balance patch is expected to address these issues by buffing weaker abilities and passives, thereby creating a more diverse meta. Players hope to see a shift away from the reliance on a few dominant builds, encouraging experimentation and variety in gameplay.


Class Mechanics

In addition to class balance adjustments, there is a desire among players for changes to class mechanics. The Sorcerer class, while popular, is considered the weakest class in terms of true endgame performance. The primary concern for Sorcerers lies in their squishiness, which may be related to elemental resistances not functioning optimally. Blizzard has acknowledged this issue and plans to rework resistances in season two, but this won't be implemented soon.


Sorcerers also face challenges with the class's heavy reliance on Mana for most abilities, limiting their casting potential. Some meta builds even require Sorcerers to engage in melee combat, contradicting the class's spellcasting concept. Another aspect that requires attention is the enchantment system, where specific options, such as the Fireball enchantment, overshadow others due to their superior impact.


For the Necromancer class, there is a discrepancy between concept and execution. Conceptually, Necromancers should excel at summoning and utilizing minions, yet most meta builds revolve around sacrificing minions for increased power. Balancing the number of ability slots dedicated to minions and improving the viability of minion-based builds is a crucial consideration for developers.



The impending balance patch in Diablo 4 brings hope for improved gameplay experiences, a more diverse meta, and enhanced class mechanics. While the specific details of the patch remain uncertain, players eagerly anticipate changes that will make underused abilities and classes more viable. Whether the patch arrives this Tuesday or not, it's clear that the Diablo 4 community is eagerly awaiting a new era of balance and excitement.

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