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Fast Final Fantasy XI Gil Making Guide for New Players in San d'Oria

Welcome to your ultimate guide on making a ton of FFXI Gil quickly in Final Fantasy XI, particularly if you're a new player in San d'Oria. This guide will provide a repeatable quest and farming method to help you accumulate wealth in the game. So let's dive in and learn how to kickstart your journey to financial success!

Fast Final Fantasy XI Gil Making Guide for New Players in San d


The White Heal Quest

To begin, embark on the straightforward White Heal quest, which involves interacting with an NPC named White Heal located near the shop at coordinates E8 on the map. Speak to White Heal, and he will request three Wabbit Hides from you. Farming wild rabbits in and around San d'Oria can easily obtain these hides. Look for them in various locations, such as West A1, East Ronfaure, and East Ronfaure [S].


Hunting Rabbits

Start by targeting wounded rabbits near San d'Oria, particularly in the vicinity of Wounded Castle. However, you'll encounter rabbits of higher levels outside the city as you progress. Kill them to obtain Wabbit Hides and Hell Meat if you're lucky. On average, you can gather around 12 Wabbit Hides in 15 to 20 minutes of farming.


Trading the Quest Items

Once you have acquired three Wabbit Hides or farmed as many as possible, return to White Heal and trade them to him. Remember that you can only trade three hides at a time, so be prepared to repeat the process multiple times. After trading the hides, White Heal will reward you with 120 gil each time.


Repeatable Quest

The beauty of this quest lies in its repeatability. You can continue to farm Wabbit Hides and trade them to White Heal for more gil. This repeatable quest serves as a reliable source of income for new players, allowing you to accumulate money as you progress through the game.


Batwing Collection Quest

In addition to the Wabbit Hides quest, there is another lucrative option available. Head to North San d'Oria and find an NPC called White Heal on the map at F6. Speak to him, and he will request two Bat Wings. To obtain these wings, you'll need to venture into the higher-level area known as The Dangruf Wadi.


The Dangruf Wadi

The Dangruf Wadi is a tomb-like area located at coordinates D1 on the map. Here, you'll encounter various aggressive enemies, including bats, goblins, skeletons, and even notorious monsters. Be cautious while exploring this zone, as the enemies can pose a significant threat.


Batwing Farming

Within The Dangruf Wadi, bats are the primary creatures you need to focus on for collecting Bat Wings. They can be found both individually and in groups. Be mindful of the higher-level enemies present, and exercise caution while engaging them. Explore the underground levels as well, as they offer more opportunities to farm bats.


Trading Bat Wings

After obtaining the required two Bat Wings, return to San d'Oria and trade them to White Heal. He will express his gratitude and reward you with 200 gil.


Unlimited Money-Making Potential

By repeating the quests for Wabbit Hides and Bat Wings, you can continue to earn gil indefinitely. These quests provide a reliable method of accumulating wealth, especially for new players who haven't yet explored other money-making avenues in the game.



Congratulations! You now possess the knowledge to make a substantial amount of money quickly in Final Fantasy XI, particularly in the city of San d'Oria. You can steadily amass wealth by engaging in the repeatable quests offered by White Heal, collecting Wabbit Hides and Bat Wings, and trading them for gil. 

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