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FFXI Voracious Resurgence Mission Line Rewards Guides

In this guide, we will delve into the rewards offered by the Voracious Resurgence Mission line in Final Fantasy XI. We'll primarily focus on the rings obtained from these missions, discussing their unique attributes and benefits. Additionally, we'll touch upon other noteworthy rewards that make this content worth exploring. Whether you're a seasoned player or returning after a break, this guide aims to provide valuable insights into the rewards awaiting you. So, let's begin by examining the rings and their respective advantages.

FFXI Voracious Resurgence Mission Line Rewards Guides


Effer Mod's Ring (Regal Ring 2.0)

The Effer Mod's Ring, also known as the Regal Ring 2.0, offers similar stats to the Regal Ring but with some improvements. This all-jobs ring provides a physical damage limit increase of 10%, along with inherent accuracy and attack bonuses. Unlike the Regal Ring, which requires specific gear to activate its bonuses, the Effer Mod's Ring provides these benefits naturally. It's an exceptional choice for any job, offering versatility and power. However, note that the physical damage limit increase only applies when properly buffed by trusts or party members.


Flick Fix's Ring (Double Attack and Subtle Blow)

The Flick Fix's Ring is often referred to as the double attack damage ring. It not only grants a double attack bonus of 10 but also enhances subtle blow by 10. These stats alone make it a highly sought-after ring, as finding a ring with such a significant double attack bonus is incredibly challenging. Additionally, this ring benefits pet jobs, providing pets with accuracy, ranged accuracy, magic accuracy, and a damage boost of 10%. It's an excellent choice for jobs like Puppet Master or Summoner, amplifying their damage potential significantly.


Lekka Haboca Ring (Store TP and Critical Hit Rate)

The Lekka Haboca Ring focuses on store TP and critical hit rate. With 10 Dexterity, 10 store TP, and a critical hit rate increase of 10%, this ring excels in enhancing your combat performance. The Dexterity stat also improves accuracy and critical hit rate, synergizing well with the ring's existing bonuses. It's particularly beneficial for jobs that heavily rely on critical hits, such as thieves or monks. However, compared to other choices, it may be considered a slightly weaker option unless your job specifically benefits from these attributes.


Rage Elise Ring (Defense, Vitality, Damage Taken)

The Rage Elise Ring, also known as the d-ring 2.0, offers a substantial boost to defense, vitality, and damage taken reduction. With 20 defense, 10 vitality, and a 10% decrease in damage taken, this ring surpasses the renowned defending ring. If you already possess a defending ring, it may be difficult to justify choosing the Rage Elise Ring over other options. However, if you primarily fulfill the role of a main tank, this ring could be your top choice.


Cornelius Ring (Weapon Skill Accuracy and Damage)

The Cornelius Ring excels in enhancing weapon skill accuracy and damage. With a weapon skill accuracy bonus of 10 and a weapon skill damage increase of 10%, this ring stands out as one of the strongest in the game for improving weapon skill performance. While the Madonna Ring offers similar bonuses, the Cornelius Ring's additional attributes, including strength, dexterity, agility, and attack range, make it a more compelling choice, especially when fully buffed during challenging content.


Belt of the Voracious Resurgence

The Belt of the Voracious Resurgence is a strong tanking belt that grants 3,500 HP. While sacrificing HP for other gear slots might not always be beneficial, this belt offers substantial HP boost for tank jobs. It's a valuable item to consider for tanking-focused builds.


Cornelius Belt

The Cornelius Belt is a versatile accessory that provides a variety of bonuses. It offers +10 Defense, +10 Strength, 10% Haste, and +5 Counter. This belt is highly desirable for monks and those utilizing counter stance setups. The 10% Haste also makes it useful for increasing attack speed on any job.


Oshosi Arrow Ammunition

The Oshosi Arrow is a powerful ammunition piece that provides +5 Accuracy, +5 Attack, and a +3% Weapon Skill Damage bonus. It is one of the best ammo options in the game, offering significant stat boosts for all jobs. Consider using it in your ranged weapon setups to enhance your damage output.


Level 1 Gear

Throughout the Voracious Resurgence missions, you can acquire level 1 gear pieces such as shields, swords, clubs, and outfits. While these items may not have significant stats, they offer unique abilities like casting elemental magic spells or providing utility effects such as Sneak and Invisible. These can be useful in specific situations, such as procing certain monster weaknesses or avoiding detection.


Perfect Lucky Egg

The Perfect Lucky Egg is an ammunition piece with the Treasure Hunter +1 attribute. This accessory is beneficial for all jobs, as it increases the chances of obtaining additional items and rewards from enemies. Combined with other Treasure Hunter gear and abilities, you can reach the Treasure Hunter +4 cap for maximum loot potential.


National Necklaces

There are three necklaces available, one for each of the three nations: Bastok, San d'Oria, and Windurst. The Bastok necklace provides +Attack, Attack Range, and Regain. The San d'Oria necklace offers -Damage Taken, Regen, and is only accessible to citizens of San d'Oria. The Windurst necklace grants Intelligence, Magic Attack Bonus, and Refresh, but can only be worn by citizens of Windurst. These necklaces cater to different playstyles and offer unique bonuses based on your nation allegiance.


Miscellaneous Rewards

In addition to the above items, completing the Voracious Resurgence missions will also reward you with omelette sandwiches, which can serve as free food for your adventures. There are also various drops of level one gear and FFXI gil, providing additional value and resources.



The Voracious Resurgence Mission line in Final Fantasy XI offers a wide array of rewards, ranging from powerful tanking belts to unique ammunition, accessories, and consumables. Whether you're focused on tanking, melee DPS, magic casting, or treasure hunting, there are rewards tailored to your playstyle. Take on the missions, gather these valuable items, and enhance your character's capabilities. Enjoy the journey and make the most of the Voracious Resurgence rewards!

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