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Diablo 4 Guide: Patch 1.0.3 Nightmare Dungeon Reset

Greetings, Diablo 4 adventurers! In the recent Diablo 4 Patch 1.0.3, an exploit known as the Nightmare exploit was officially patched out of the game. While it's unfortunate to see it go, fear not, as we have some exciting tips to share with you in this guide. We'll start by discussing the exploit briefly and then move on to an effective method for resetting a Nightmare dungeon. So, let's delve into the details!



Exploit Overview

The Nightmare exploit involved locating a HellTides event on the map. It was recommended to find an event that involved waves of enemies or structures to destroy. These events usually offered numerous enemies to defeat and the chance to obtain valuable Cinder resources. Once you reached the end of the event and defeated the boss, you could collect all the loot. It was advised to pick up everything except the loot, as it would respawn later. To reset the event, simply teleport out of town by pressing T on the keyboard (or down on the d-pad for console players) and then return to the town. By going back through the portal, the event would be reset, allowing you to repeat the process and accumulate valuable rewards such as ovals, legendaries, rares, gold, and experience points.


Nightmare Dungeon Reset

The Nightmare dungeon reset method we're about to discuss is not an exploit but a legitimate technique to optimize your experience gains. Follow these steps:

- Step 1: Locating an Occultist and Crafting a Sigil

Find an Occultist near your location and craft a Sigil. You can choose any Sigil based on your preferences, such as the Sacred Sigil. Access your inventory and click on the consumable tab to locate and select the desired Sigil.


- Step 2: Accessing the Nightmare Dungeon

With the recent update, you can conveniently travel to the Nightmare dungeon. Click on the Nightmare dungeon icon to enter the dungeon.


- Step 3: Clearing Enemies

Inside the dungeon, clear out all the enemies without defeating the final boss. Ensure you do not complete the dungeon prematurely. If you have to clear specific objectives, go ahead, but avoid defeating the last enemy.


- Step 4: Leaving the Dungeon

Exit the dungeon by using the emote wheel and selecting "Leave Dungeon." Alternatively, you can also leave through the map interface.


- Step 5: Waiting Period

Once outside the dungeon, wait for approximately two minutes. This waiting period allows the game to reset the Nightmare dungeon, making it possible to benefit from increased XP gains from Nightmare enemies.


- Step 6: Returning to the Dungeon

Head back to the portal and re-enter the Nightmare dungeon. You should notice that everything has completely reset, allowing you to continue farming XP and valuable items.



By using the Nightmare dungeon reset method, you can efficiently gather XP and valuable resources in Diablo 4. Remember to scrap unnecessary items in town to maximize your efficiency. We hope you found this guide helpful and enjoyable.

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