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Runescape Fletching Skills Guide: AFK Making Gold and XP

In this guide, we'll explore one of our favorite AFK skills in Runescape: Fletching. We have a couple of gold-making methods to share that can provide both decent profit and experience gains. Fletching is a skill that not only generates money but also offers excellent Ruenscape GP opportunities. We'll discuss essential items, such as the Fletcher Cape and the Portable Fletcher, that can enhance your Fletching journey. So let's dive into the world of Fletching and discover how you can make a bank while enjoying the skill.

Runescape Fletching Skills Guide: AFK Making Gold and XP


Essential Items for Profitable Fletching

To maximize your profit potential while Fletching, there are a few items that are highly recommended:

  • Fletcher Cape: The Fletcher Cape provides a useful perk of creating extra ammunition. It is an affordable and excellent starting point for your Fletching journey.
  • Portable Fletcher: This item acts as a portable workbench, allowing you to craft items more efficiently. It is the next priority after acquiring the Fletcher Cape and can significantly boost your profit.
  • Fletcher's Outfit: Although not essential, the Fletcher's Outfit can further enhance your Fletching experience by providing additional benefits such as bonus experience.


Gold-Making Method: Headless Arrows

One profitable item to craft with Fletching is headless arrows. Crafting headless arrows can yield approximately 10 million GP per hour and provide around 900,000 experience. With the Fletcher Cape and Portable Fletcher perks, you should aim to create roughly 45,000 arrows per hour. This will generate just under 550,000 headless arrows, which can be sold for profit.

The price for the arrows alone will break even with the cost of shards and headless arrows. The profit comes from the additional arrows made with the Fletcher Cape's bonus. Each arrow has a profit margin of up to 20 GP, making it more lucrative than Broad arrows in terms of both profit and experience.


Method Variation: Tipped Arrows with God Essence

Another profitable Fletching method involves tipping arrows with God Essence. This method requires all three essential items: Fletching Cape, Portable Fletcher, and Fletcher's Outfit. By charging arrows with God Essence, you can make both profit and experience.

The profit potential for this method varies depending on the type of God Essence used. Different gods may yield different profits. Consult the RuneScape Wiki for up-to-date information on the most profitable options. This method provides a more engaging experience with increased XP gains.


Additional Profitable Method: Elder Headless Arrows

For players with a Fletching level of 90 or above, Elder Headless Arrows offer a profitable option. With Elder Logs being relatively cheap due to the influx of logs from the Woodcutting update, crafting Elder Headless Arrows can be highly lucrative.

By purchasing Elder Logs at a low price and crafting them into Elder Headless Arrows, you can generate significant profit. With around 1.4K logs per hour, you could make approximately 9 million GP per hour with this method.



Fletching is not only an AFKable skill but also a profitable one. By utilizing essential items such as the Fletcher Cape and the Portable Fletcher, you can maximize your profit potential while enjoying decent experience gains. Whether you choose to craft headless arrows, tipped arrows with God Essence, or Elder Headless Arrows, Fletching can be a rewarding skill. 

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