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WOW Patch 10.1.5 New Challenges, Location and Buffs: Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Patch 10.1.5 of World of Warcraft! In this update, Blizzard has prepared a range of exciting new features and content to enhance your gaming experience. From a challenging mega dungeon to cross-realm trading and class updates, there's something for everyone in this patch. In this guide, we'll delve into the details of these features and provide valuable tips and strategies to help you make the most of Patch 10.1.5.



WOW Patch 10.1.5 New Challenges, Location and Buffs: Everything You Need to Know


Release Date

Patch 10.1.5 is set to be released on July 11th, just after the Winds of Sanctuary event concludes. Make sure to take advantage of the event's XP and reputation boosts. It's a great opportunity to level up quickly!


New Mega Dungeon

Blizzard has designed a new mega dungeon that aims to provide a harder baseline experience compared to previous ones. The dungeon will drop gear at the end of the Heroic item level spectrum. This ensures that even guilds progressing in Heroic raids can find valuable gear in this dungeon. The loot table includes powerful items with interesting effects that players will definitely want to obtain.


Hard Mode and Cutting Edge Title

Patch 10.0.7, which will arrive about eight weeks after 10.1.5, will introduce the Heroic modes of this new mega dungeon—completing the dungeon before Season 3 begins grants the Cutting Edge title, adding to the raid-like experience of this content. Additionally, there's an achievement for completing the dungeon without any deaths, adding an extra challenge for skilled players.


Narrative and Infinite Dragonflight

The new mega dungeon is a core part of the expansion's narrative, focusing on the convergence of the Nosdormu/Chromie storyline and the story of the Infinite Dragonflight. While the specifics are kept secret, Blizzard has assured players that this dungeon is not the end of the Infinite Flight's story. More narrative and setup for the future are planned.


Cross-Realm Trading

Patch 10.1.5 introduces cross-realm trading, allowing players to trade gold, items, and more between characters in different realms. This change removes traditional restrictions and opens up economic opportunities. It also benefits players who previously faced gold transfer limits when moving characters between realms. Cross-realm trading could lead to more accessible server economies and potential price adjustments.


New Specs and Support Classes

The new Evoker spec will be explored in a dedicated video. Blizzard has confirmed that if the reception to Ogvoker is positive, they will consider adding more support specs and classes. This opens the possibility for classes like the Bard and Tinker fulfilling different roles within the supporting niche. It's an exciting time for World of Warcraft, with the potential for unprecedented class and gameplay diversity.


Onyx Amulet and Buffs

With the release of 10.1.5, the Onyx Annulet stones will be nerfed by 40%. To compensate for this change, the affected specs will receive buffs. Blizzard wants to ensure balance and avoid overpowering certain gameplay aspects. The addition of Power Causal Fragments and other mid-tier gear sources further highlights the importance of maintaining a healthy gameplay environment.


Return of Tier 3

Tier 3 armour sets, previously unobtainable, will make a comeback in Patch 10.1.5. Players will have the opportunity to craft full Tier 3 sets and acquire previously unobtainable weapons. This change allows players to obtain these iconic sets and weapons that were previously inaccessible. The crafting process will require specific materials from Naxxramas, a high rank in Classic crafting, and a theme of purifying and de-consecrating the items. Keep an eye out for guides on how to obtain these prestigious appearances.


Levelling Characters

Take advantage of the Time Walking event, Wardrobes of Draenor, before the buff ends. This event is great for levelling characters from 60 to 70 quickly. Additionally, focus on levelling characters up to level 60, as there are some upcoming events that provide reputation buffs.


World Quest Week

During the week of the 27th to the 28th, there will be a World Quest Week event. This event grants a reputation buff, which can be combined with the Warlords of Draenor time walking rep buff and the rat buff from the Diablo 4 event. This is an excellent opportunity to grind reputations in Warlords of Draenor.


Don't Gear Up Alts

Instead of spending time in the Zarlac Cavern, it's recommended to focus on something other than gearing up alts too much. Patch 10.1.5 introduces new item level 402 gear available from a vendor in Val Draken. These items are reasonably priced and can quickly boost your character's power, allowing you to level more characters instead.


Blizzard Updates and Changes

Blizzard has made some notable updates and changes. The Great Vault now includes the Splintered Spark of Shadow Flame, which can be purchased for six aspects tokens. This item allows you to craft one piece of gear up to item level 447 per week. It's a significant boost for alts. The drop rate for the Evoker legendary has also been clarified, and it is a rare drop. Doing the raid on heroic difficulty covers your chances for normal and LFR difficulties, so focus on the highest difficulty you can handle.


Class Tuning

There have been buffs to various classes, including Havoc, Feral, Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, Holy Priest, Resto Shaman, and Protection Warrior. Shadow Priest AoE has been slightly tuned down. Additionally, mythic bosses such as Scarn, Kasra, and Sarcoreth have received Nerfs to adjust their difficulty.


Midsummer Fire Festival

Starting on July 5th, the Midsummer Fire Festival will begin, bringing new bonfires, achievements, and a new toy reward. There will also be significant Adventure Journal progress available by simply lighting bonfires on each continent.


Battle.Net Sale

Take advantage of the sale of various Blizzard games and character services. Dragonflight is 50% off, character services are 30% off, Diablo 2 Resurrected is 67% off, Overwatch 2 has discounted hero unlock bundles, and the StarCraft campaign collection is 25% off.


Miscellaneous Updates

Sarkareth LFR is now available, providing players with a chance to obtain their Evoker legendary. The upcoming release of Patch 10.1.5 will increase the friend list limit from 200 to 400. Some character transfer restrictions in WoW Classic have been removed. Phase three of Wrath Classic has been released, allowing players to relive the raid content and experience the nostalgia of Wrath of the Lich King.


Speculations about Aldaz

There are speculations about a mysterious place called Aldaz, which may be related to a group of dwarves mentioned in lore and the lore discs found in Aldrassil at the beginning of the expansion. The speculation suggests that Aldaz might be a titan facility tied to this mysterious group. It presents an exciting opportunity for new cultures and exploration.



As we conclude our guide to Patch 10.1.5 of World of Warcraft, we hope you're excited about the array of new features and content that await you. From the formidable mega dungeon to the introduction of cross-realm trading and the potential for expanded support classes, this patch brings fresh opportunities and experiences to the game.

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