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Diablo 4 Dungeons: Best Farming XP and Gold in Patch 1.0.3?

The latest patch 1.0.3 Diablo 4 has brought a significant increase in XP and Gold rates, making it easier than ever to level up your characters. Whether you're looking to level up alts or introduce friends to the game, this is the perfect time to do so. In addition, we'll explore the new rankings for the best dungeons that will help you maximize your XP and Gold gains. Get ready to dive into the details of these dungeons and unleash your leveling potential.



XP Rates Buffed in Nightmare Dungeons

Blizzard has implemented a substantial 60% buff to XP gains in nightmare dungeons across the board. This includes various activities such as completing the dungeon, defeating enemies, encountering bosses, and finishing events. Compared to pre-patch 1.0.3, these XP and Gold gains have skyrocketed, providing a faster leveling experience.


Best Dungeons for XP Maximization

While there are many dungeons to explore, we'll focus on the top-ranking dungeons known for their exceptional XP gains. Please note that there may be variations depending on specific factors such as event spawns and enemy counts.

The following dungeons have been consistently regarded as the best for leveling:


- Aldurwood

Aldurwood is a decent dungeon, but it falls slightly behind the others in terms of XP and Gold gains. Even at tier 39, it offers around 1.7 million XP, which is a couple hundred thousand XP less than some of the better options.


- Guulrahn Canals

Guulrahn Canals provide a full completion XP of approximately 1.8 million, slightly higher than Aldurwood. However, this dungeon's true potential lies in its efficiency for XP gains per hour. By employing a reset method, you can exit after completing the first objective and reset the dungeon, allowing for repeated runs with significant XP and Gold gains.


- Blind Burrows

Similar to Guulrahn Canals, Blind Burrows is an excellent choice for maximizing XP gains. With a completion XP of around 1.9 million, it offers a comparable experience to the best dungeons. Utilizing the reset trick, where you skip defeating the last boss, you can repeatedly farm enemies and gain XP and Gold quickly.


- Earthen Wound

Diablo 4 Dungeons: Best Farming XP and Gold in Patch 1.0.3?

Earthen Wounds stands out as one of the top dungeons, providing over 2 million XP per run. It features a layout filled with ghost enemies, including elite-quality foes. Additionally, certain sections contain destructible blockages that, when destroyed, spawn additional elites for increased XP and Gold gains.


- Onyx Hold

Considered the best dungeon for XP and Gold gains, Onyx Hold offers a remarkable 2.4 million XP for a full run. Although it is slightly longer than other dungeons, its high enemy count and consistent event spawns contribute to its exceptional XP rates. Grouping up ghosts and zombies in this dungeon allows for fast leveling and a consistent flow of XP.


- HellTide Event

While the recent patch increased the XP and Gold gains from chests found in HellTide, it seems to have affected only tortured gifts and completion event rewards. Regular gifts from chests still provide the same XP as before. However, some regular gifts may now offer higher XP gains, so keep an eye out for those.



With the XP rates through the roof in Diablo 4's latest patch, leveling up has become faster and more accessible. By focusing on the best dungeons, such as Gulron Canals, Blind Burrows, Earthen Wounds, and Onyx Hold, you can maximize your XP gains and level up rapidly. Remember to utilize the reset trick where applicable to optimize your farming efficiency. Happy leveling, and may your journey through Sanctuary be filled with powerful heroes and legendary loot!

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