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Diablo 4 Patch 1.0.3 Farming Guide: Quickly Leveling Up with Nightmare Dungeons

Welcome to a Diablo 4 guide that will help you farm nightmare dungeons for infinite amounts of increased XP. In this post-1.0.3 patch era, the ability to farm nightmare dungeons may seem restricted, but fear not, as I have discovered a new method that will allow you to maximize your XP gains. So, without further ado, let's delve into the details and learn how to efficiently farm nightmare dungeons for incredible XP and Gold gains.

Diablo 4 Patch 1.0.3 Farming  Guide: Quickly Leveling Up with Nightmare Dungeons


Choosing the Right Nightmare Dungeon

With the changes brought by the 1.0.3 patch, nightmare dungeons now offer significantly more XP and Diablo 4 Gold than before. It was previously believed that nightmare dungeons with enemies three levels above your character were the most efficient for XP farming. However, the higher the enemy level compared to your own, the more XP you'll earn. Aim for nightmare dungeons that are 10 to 15 levels above your character for optimal XP gains. While a dungeon with enemies five levels above you are still viable, finding the perfect spot will grant you even greater rewards.


Recommended Nightmare Dungeons

There are several nightmare dungeons in Diablo 4 that are excellent for farming XP.

Here are a few noteworthy options:

  • Onyx Hold: This dungeon provides a great XP farming opportunity and is demonstrated in this guide. It offers efficient enemy spawns and excellent loot drops.
  • Whispers of Eldwood: Another fantastic choice for XP farming. Explore the Eldwood dungeon with higher-level enemies to maximize your gains.
  • Demon's Wake: Known for its excellent XP rewards, Demon's Wake is a highly recommended nightmare dungeon to consider for farming purposes.
  • The Haunted Refuge: This dungeon offers a great balance between XP gains and loot drops. It's a solid choice for consistent farming sessions.
  • Iron Hold: While Iron Hold is primarily used in the method described below, it also serves as a viable dungeon for farming in its own right.


Setting Up the Farming Method

To begin, activate the nightmare sigil for the dungeon you wish to farm. This can be done by selecting the desired nightmare dungeon from your inventory. Once activated, fast travel to the nightmare dungeon and enter it.


The Farming Method

  • 1. Upon entering the nightmare dungeon, exit immediately.
  • 2. Travel to any other dungeon on the map. For optimal results, I recommend the Iron Hold dungeon due to its proximity to a fast travel point and the ease of completing the first objective.
  • 3. Complete the first objective of the Iron Hold dungeon, which usually involves defeating a specific enemy and obtaining a key. This objective is quick and straightforward.
  • 4. After completing the objective, exit the Iron Hold dungeon.
  • 5. Fast travel back to the nightmare dungeon you activated earlier. Run through the dungeon, defeating enemies and collecting loot. However, remember not to complete the final objective of the dungeon.
  • 6. Once you reach the end of the nightmare dungeon, leave without completing it.
  • 7. Return to the Iron Hold dungeon and repeat the process by completing the first objective again. This step is crucial for resetting the nightmare dungeon and allowing all enemies to respawn.
  • 8. Exit the Iron Hold dungeon and fast-travel back to your nightmare dungeon. Now, all the enemies will have reset, and you can farm them again for XP and loot.

Repeat steps 5 to 8 to continuously farm the nightmare dungeon, ensuring that you do not complete the final objective.

Important Note: It is advisable to at least complete the first objective of the nightmare dungeon you're farming. Although unconfirmed, it's believed that farming the dungeon without progressing beyond the first objective may lead to limited XP gains.


Benefits and Conclusion

By using this method to farm nightmare dungeons, you'll earn substantial amounts of XP and acquire valuable loot. Since the 1.0.3 patch increased XP gains from enemies, this farming technique has become even more rewarding. While the efficiency may have slightly decreased compared to previous methods, the extra time spent resetting the dungeon is well worth the tremendous XP gains you can achieve. Keep in mind that this method is intended for solo play and may not work effectively in a team.


Remember to choose the nightmare dungeon that suits your character build and playstyle. Experiment with different dungeons and find the one that yields the best results for your XP farming needs. Utilize your spare time in towns to sell any excess loot and maximize your efficiency.


Take advantage of this farming method while it lasts, as game updates may eventually address its effectiveness. Pre-patch, some dungeons offered players XP gains of up to 10-15 million XP per hour. With increased XP gains post-patch, these numbers are likely to rise even higher.


So, adventurers, grab your gear and embark on the journey to farm nightmare dungeons like never before. Level up swiftly, gather mighty loot, and conquer the forces of evil that await you. Happy farming!

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