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Runescape Gold Making Method: Daily Engineering Challenges

In today's article, we will explore a unique Gold-making method in RuneScape that is linked to daily challenges. Daily challenges offer an opportunity to earn experience points (XP) and hidden weekly rewards. Our focus will be on the daily Engineering challenges, which provide a good balance of XP and profit. By following this method consistently, players can expect to earn around six to seven million Runescape Gold coins per hour. This guide will walk you through the process of completing daily Engineering challenges quickly while maximizing profits.

Runescape Gold Making Method: Daily Engineering Challenges



To undertake this method, you will need the following:

  • Vis Wax: Used for extending challenges, and ensuring daily consistency.
  • Teleports for Shifting Tombs: Accessible with the appropriate skill levels.
  • Skill requirements: 90 Dungeoneering, Agility, Thieving, Construction, Crafting, Prayer, Crafting, and Divination.
  • Additional quests: The Jack of Spades.
  • Recommended items: Mobile and Endurance Relics, Crystal Hatchet, Lockpick Tier 5, Menaphos reputation for extra feathers, and Bladed Dive teleport (bonus).


Method Overview

According to the RuneScape Wiki, completing daily Engineering challenges will yield approximately 9.9 million gold coins from the chests. However, our goal is to complete the challenges as quickly as possible, which may reduce the overall profit per hour. During the process, players may also come across additional loot such as feathers and the elusive Op. Fandopesh.


Step-by-Step Guide

  • Start by teleporting to the Shifting Tombs location using the appropriate teleports.
  • Maximize your RuneScape game client for a better experience.
  • To explain the skills required, enable fire animations if necessary (not essential for maxed players).
  • Shifting Tombs can be done in groups, but for this method, we will focus on solo play.
  • Locate the ladder or rope and run towards it. This will act as a quick exit for one challenge completion.
  • Inside the tomb, you will encounter various obstacles such as sarcophagi and chests that provide additional loot.
  • Your main objective is to find and open the chests within a time limit, while dealing with corruption effects.
  • Utilize the map layout and stretch it out to navigate efficiently (optional).
  • Focus on finding the ladder or rope quickly to complete the challenge. Using an exit rope is recommended.
  • Each successful challenge completion brings you closer to your daily goal.
  • While looting the chests, keep an eye out for valuable items like the Op. Fandopesh.
  • Ensure you have your best pickaxe and hatchet for skill-related challenges.
  • Engage with the mining aspects swiftly, utilizing adrenaline boosts for increased efficiency.
  • Complete six runs of Shifting Tombs to fulfill your daily Engineering challenge.

By consistently following this method, you can earn substantial Engineering XP and progress towards weekly rewards.



Engaging in daily Engineering challenges through Shifting Tombs provides an efficient way to earn Gold in RuneScape. While completing the challenges quickly, players can also obtain valuable loot such as the Op. Fandopesh and feathers, adding to their profits. Maximize your gains by looting chests and optimizing your skills during the runs. This method offers an excellent opportunity to earn Engineering XP, complete daily challenges, and make consistent profits. 

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