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Runescape Woodcutting Rework Guide: Exploring the Forestry Update

The new woodcutting rework in Runescape has brought significant changes to the skill, particularly with the introduction of the Forestry update. This guide will walk you through the key aspects of the rework, including how to start, the different events, consumable items, and available rewards. Get ready to delve into the exciting world of Forestry!

Runescape Woodcutting Rework Guide: Exploring the Forestry Update


Starting the Forestry Update

  • Visit the Freaky Forester: To begin your journey in Forestry, head to Draenor Village and locate the Freaky Forester. He can be found next to the willow trees near the bank.
  • Acquire the Forestry Kit: It is crucial to obtain the Forestry Kit, priced at a reasonable 120 Kiland. This equippable bag not only provides convenience by storing all your forestry supplies but is also required to participate in the forestry events.


Chopping Trees

  • Tree Despawn Mechanics: Under the new update, trees no longer despawn based on a timer or the number of players chopping them. This change allows for a more consistent and enjoyable woodcutting experience.
  • Chopping Times: Different tree types now have specific chopping times, ranging from 27 seconds for oak trees to four and a half minutes for redwood trees. This update encourages players to collaborate and chop alongside others without competing for resources.


Forestry Events

  • Leprechaun Event: The leprechaun event enables you to bank your logs from anywhere. Simply speak to the leprechaun and deposit your logs, which will be sent to your bank. This event requires minimal active participation.
  • Rising Roots Forestry Event: During this event, you need to chop the roots that emerge from the ground. Completing the event successfully awards you with anima-infused bark, the new currency. Keep an eye out for green-tinged trees, as they provide three times the amount of infused bark.
  • Pollinating B Event: In this event, you must find the correct combination of plants to pollinate. Communication with other players can help identify the correct plants quickly. The rewards for completing this event include woodcutting experience and infused bark.
  • Struggling Sapling Event: The struggling sapling event involves finding the optimal combination of three ingredients to create the best mulch. Coordinating with other players can help determine the correct combination, leading to better rewards.


Forestry Consumable Items

  • Forestry Rations: Combine leaves obtained from chopping trees with cooked meat to create forestry rations. These rations restore run energy while woodcutting.
  • Ritual Mulch: By combining the ritual mulch with a high-tier herb, you can create Nature's Offering. Using Nature's Offering while chopping specific trees gives you a chance to obtain two logs per chop.
  • Clover Insignia and Powdered Pollen: These consumable items can be transformed into leprechaun charms and B on a Stick, respectively, providing a chance to spawn additional events.


Available Rewards

  • Log Basket: The log basket functions similarly to a fish barrel and automatically collects logs until you have a full inventory. Combine it with your Forestry Kit for convenient use.
  • Forestry Outfit: Obtain the Lumberjack or Forestry outfit from the Forestry Shop, both providing the same bonuses. The Forestry outfit can be stored in a cloth pouch, allowing you to enjoy its benefits while wearing different attire.
  • Funky Shape Log: This recolor option for the beaver pet provides a cosmetic enhancement.

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