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Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon Tier List: Combined, Glyph Leveling and XP

Welcome to our Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon Tier List guide! This article discusses a comprehensive tier list for Nightmare Dungeons, focusing on the Druid class and a comparison with the Bone Spear Necromancer. By analyzing the data from both classes, we aim to provide you with a more applicable tier list that can be useful for any class in the game.



Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon Tier List: Combined, Glyph Leveling and XP


Combined Tier List

To create a more comprehensive tier list, we averaged the experience per hour of both the Druid and the Bone Spear Necromancer, using the same players and stipulations. This approach allows for a fair comparison between the two classes, despite their contrasting playstyles.

Guulrahn Canals 1.5 1 Goat
Aldurwood 3 2 S
Blind Burrows 3.5 3 S
Maulwood 4.5 4 S
Raethwind Wilds 5 T-5 S
Sunken Ruins 5 T-5 S
Witchwater 7.5 7 A
Lost Archives 9.8 8 A
Demon's Wake 12.5 T-9 A
Earthen Wound 12.5 T-9 A
Cultist's Refuge 14 11 A
Champion's Demise 16 T-12 B
Whispering Pines 16 T-12 B
Zenith 17 14 B
Serpent's Lair 17.5 15 B
Maugan's Works 18 T-16 B
Shadowed Plunge 18 T-16 B
Abandoned Mineworks 18.5 T-18 C
Ancient's Lament 18.5 T-18 C
Dark Ravine 18.5 T-18 C
Guulrahn Slums 19.5 T-21 C
Renegade's Retreat 19.5 T-21 C
Shivta Ruins 19.5 T-21 C
Kor Dragan Barracks 20 24 C
Crusader's Cathedral 21.5 25 C
Onyx Hold 22 26 C
Prison of Caldeum 26 27 D
Black Asylum 26.5 28 D
Conclave 27 T-29 D
Feral's Den 27 T-29 D


XP Tier List

The primary focus of our tier list is XP and Diablo 4 Gold gain, which we consider to be the most crucial factor in dungeon progression. By evaluating the XP per hour data, we have compiled a tier list that represents the relative efficiency of each dungeon for both classes. Please refer to the link provided at the end of this article to view the detailed tier list.


NM Dungeon XP/h Rank Tier
Blind Burrows 35.8 1 Goat
Guulrahn Canals 34.1 2 S
Sunken Ruins 32.4 3 S
Aldurwood 30.7 4 S
Raethwind Wilds 30.4 5 S
Maulwood 28.6 6 A
Champion's Demise 28.1 7 A
Demon's Wake 27.4 8 A
Whispering Pines 26.8 9 A
Lost Archives 26.1 10 A
Witchwater 26.1 11 A
Kor Dragan Barracks 25.8 12 B
Ancient's Lament 25.7 13 B
Earthen Wound 24.8 14 B
Zenith 23.8 15 B
Abandoned Mineworks 23.6 16 B
Onyx Hold 23.5 17 B
Shadowed Plunge 23 18 B
Renegade's Retreat 22.3 19 C
Cultist's Refuge 21.9 20 C
Dark Ravine 21.3 21 C
Serpent's Lair 20.8 22 C
Black Asylum 20.7 23 C
Guulrahn Slums 20.6 24 C
Conclave 20.6 25 C
Maugan's Works 19.8 26 D
Shivta Ruins 19.7 27 D
Feral's Den 19.6 28 D
Crusader's Cathedral 18 29 D
Prison of Caldeum 17.1 30 D


Glyph Leveling Tier List

For those interested in glyph leveling, we have also created a tier list that ranks dungeons based on their suitability for this purpose. However, it's important to note that leveling glyphs naturally is slow and not recommended as a primary goal. Nevertheless, the glyph leveling tier list can serve as a reference for players who wish to prioritize this aspect of the game.


NM Dungeon Time Rank Tier
Guulrahn Canals 138 1 Goat
Aldurwood 166 2 S
Maulwood 167 3 S
Witchwater 179 4 S
Raethwind Wilds 181 5 S
Blind Burrows 182 6 S
Sunken Ruins 187 7 A
Cultist's Refuge 192 8 A
Lost Archives 194 9 A
Maugan's Works 195 10 A
Earthen Wound 197 11 A
Shivta Ruins 201 12 B
Serpent's Lair 208 13 B
Crusader's Cathedral 210 14 B
Guulrahn Slums 211 15 B
Dark Ravine 215 16 B
Demon's Wake 221 17 B
Shadowed Plunge 236 18 C
Zenith 236 19 C
Renegade's Retreat 238 20 C
Abandoned Mineworks 240 21 C
Prison of Caldeum 242 22 C
Whispering Pines 243 23 C
Ancient's Lament 245 24 C
Champion's Demise 254 25 C
Feral's Den 256 26 C
Onyx Hold 272 27 D
Kor Dragan Barracks 284 28 D
Conclave 303 29 D
Black Asylum 309 30 D


Combined Score

To determine the overall best dungeon that caters to both XP gain and glyph leveling, we averaged the ranks of the dungeons and assigned them a combined score. This score considers the rankings from the XP and glyph leveling tier lists. According to our findings, Gulron Canals emerged as the top dungeon, considering its second-place position in XP gain and first-place ranking for glyph leveling.



We hope this Nightmare Dungeon Tier List guide proves helpful to you in your Diablo 4 adventures. The link below will direct you to the detailed tier list, where you can explore the rankings and make informed decisions based on your preferred playstyle and goals. Remember to focus primarily on XP gain, as it remains the most significant factor for dungeon progression. Wishing you great success in conquering the dungeons of Diablo 4!

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