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Old School RuneScape Gold Making Methods: Unusual and Undiscovered

In the world of Old School RuneScape, there are countless ways to increase your wealth and grow your bank. While many players rely on traditional gold-making methods, some unconventional approaches can yield surprising results. In this guide, we will explore a variety of unusual and undiscovered gold-making methods that you may not expect. With over 100 unusual methods under our belt, we have a good sense of what can make you a pretty penny. Let's dive into some of the best unconventional gold-making methods RuneScape has to offer.



Old School RuneScape Gold Making Methods: Unusual and Undiscovered


The Infinite GP Pouch

One of the most intriguing recent discoveries in the game is the Infinite GP Pouch. This unique item was unlocked as part of a clue-seeking event that took nine months to solve. By following a series of steps, players can obtain an infinite gold bag. While you can only withdraw one GP at a time from the bag, it is possible to withdraw around 5,900 GP per hour, or approximately 1 million RS GP per month. With persistence and dedication, you could accumulate a substantial amount of wealth over time.


Dinner Service in your Player-Owned House

Did you know that the servants in your Player-Owned House can serve you dinner? Each servant has a specific food item they serve, ranging from shrimp to pineapple pizza. By utilizing multiple dining room tables and having additional players in your house, you can maximize the number of pizzas served. With eight people in your house, you can obtain up to 5.6K worth of pineapple pizzas per hour, which can be sold for a tidy profit.


Slaying Wallasalkies in Waterbirth Dungeon

Venturing into the Waterbirth Dungeon, you'll find Wallasalkies, which drop unique items used to create skeletal armor. While these items may have low trading volumes, they can still add up to significant profits. By utilizing a cannon and a specialized bow, you can efficiently slay Wallasalkies and collect the valuable armor pieces. In one hour of dedicated killing, you could obtain a considerable number of armor pieces, which can be sold for a nice profit.


Exploiting the Jar Generator in Puro-Puro

Puro-Puro, the land of implings, offers an unusual gold-making method for those willing to put in the effort. By utilizing the jar generator, you can generate and deposit impling jars, which can be sold for a profit. With high-intensity clicking, you can empty out approximately 200 jar generators per hour, resulting in substantial profits.


Shop Trading with Arnold Litzbore

Arnold Litzbore's shop in Pisgah offers a unique opportunity for making gold by purchasing items at a discount and reselling them on the Grand Exchange. By hopping worlds and exploring the shop's inventory, you can find items that can be sold for a higher price. This method requires some luck and depends on the availability of valuable items in the shop, but it can yield impressive profits if you find the right items.



RuneScape is a game filled with opportunities for wealth accumulation, and these unconventional gold-making methods exemplify that. From the Infinite GP Pouch to slaying Wallasalkies and utilizing shop trading, there are numerous ways to increase the value of your RuneScape bank. Keep exploring the game, experimenting with different methods, and you may stumble upon more undiscovered gold-making strategies.

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