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RuneScape Abyssal Beast Slaying Farming Gold in Senntisten Asylum Dungeon Guides

In this guide, we will explore the Abyssal Beasts located in Senntisten Asylum. The goal is to kill Abyssal Beasts to determine their profitability and experience gains. We will discuss the best location, recommended gear, and drops, and calculate the potential profits. So, let's delve into the world of Abyssal Beasts!

RuneScape Abyssal Beast Slaying Farming Gold in Senntisten Asylum Dungeon Guides


Location and Preparation

The best place to kill Abyssal Beasts is in your or someone else's Slayer dungeon. However, to access this location, you will need 5 Souls of Abyssal Beasts caught with Utsabis in Senntisten Asylum. Alternatively, you can kill them in Senntisten Asylum, where there are 8 spawns, though fewer kills per hour are expected. It is recommended to use at least a tier 80 weapon for faster kills.


Gear and Drops

The Abyssal Whip is the best-in-slot weapon for killing Abyssal Beasts. Its drops include various valuable items such as 100 noted Dragon Bones, Infernal Ashes, and the prized Jaws of the Abyss. Additionally, they drop RS Gold coins, herbs, runes, audio calcium, and salvageable items. All other drops are worth picking up as well.


Killing Strategy

Equip your melee gear and start killing Abyssal Beasts. They have 39K HP, so it may take some time to defeat them. The good news is that they have a fast respawn time, and there is a spot with 8 spawns, allowing for relatively AFK combat. For optimal results, consider using the following items: Prism Demon Horn Necklace with an Attuned Ectoplasmeter and Spring Cleaner. With these items, you can ensure full HP, prayer points, and automated alching for salvage drops, respectively. Additionally, using Aggression Potions will keep them aggressive towards you.


Profit Calculation

After completing 1K Abyssal Beast kills, it's time to evaluate the loot obtained. The total value of the drops, including random loot, herbs, pure cash, salvages, and more, adds up to almost 22.5 million GB. The biggest profits come from pure cash drops and Rune salvages, with other drops also contributing to the overall value. Subtracting all expenses, the total profit from 1K Abyssal Beast kills amounts to around 21 million GB.


Experience and Profit Rates

The 4-hour session yielded an average profit of approximately 5.5 million GP per hour and around 700K combat experience. However, when killing them on a Slayer task with appropriate gear, the profit jumps to approximately 7.5 million GP per hour, accompanied by an additional 360K Slayer experience. For those using their own Slayer dungeon, the profit can reach a staggering 11 million GP per hour, with around 500K Slayer experience per hour when on task. These rates effectively double the profit and experience gained compared to killing them in Senntisten Asylum.



Killing Abyssal Beasts is a highly recommended money-making and combat training method. With the potential to earn significant profits and gain valuable combat and Slayer experience, this activity is well worth your time. So, equip your best gear, head to the Abyssal Beasts' lair, and start reaping the rewards. Happy slaying!

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