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Diablo 4 Patch 1.0.3 Melee Buffed Barrage Rogue Build

In this Diablo 4 Build, we'll explore a new buffed Barrage build that showcases the viability of this skill later in the game. While Barrage is traditionally seen as a ranged skill, this build leans more towards a melee playstyle. Despite not being fully optimized, this build offers great performance and is capable of dealing significant damage. So let's dive into the skills, gear, specialization, and Paragon points for this exciting Barrage Rogue build.

Diablo 4 Patch 1.0.3 Melee Buffed Barrage Rogue Build



  • Maintain permanent vulnerability on targets using Puncture.
  • Utilize combo points and imbued skills to maximize damage output.
  • Use Shadow Step for crowd control breaks and Dark Shroud for bonus damage reduction.
  • Trigger additional critical strikes and damage with Poison Trap.
  • Balance your basic attacks with core skills, focusing on maximum damage potential with Barrage.


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  • Puncture (Fundamental Puncture): This skill applies guaranteed vulnerability to targets, providing a valuable source of permanent vulnerability for elites and bosses.
  • Barrage: The primary skill of this build, Barrage deals high damage with increased critical strike chance when it ricochets. Upgrading this skill will further enhance its effectiveness.
  • Shadow Step: Used for crowd control breaks, this skill reduces its cooldown through the Discipline passive.
  • Poison Trap (optional): This skill triggers extra critical chance, helps reset imbuement skills, and provides additional crowd control.



  • Armor: Topaz for increased CC resistance.
  • Weapons: Emeralds for extra critical strike damage against vulnerable enemies.
  • Jewelry: Skulls for reduced damage taken.



  • Shadow Imbuement: Offers extra critical strike chance and increased damage for core skills.
  • Poison Imbuement: Amplifies poison damage for single-target encounters.



Choose passives that enhance energy regeneration, critical strike chance for imbued skills, damage direction, and other desired effects.

Notable passives include Frigid Finesse, Penitent Greaves, and Precision.



Refer to the D4 Builds version of this build for a detailed breakdown of aspects and their effects.

Notable aspects include Umbrus, Disobedience, Might, Rapid, Edge Masters, The Expected, Branching Volleys, and Bursting Venoms.



When searching for gear, prioritize stats such as cooldown reduction, armor, damage reduction, damage to close enemies, critical strike chance, attack speed, and ranks to Barrage.

Look for daggers to increase attack speed and crossbows to boost vulnerable damage.


Specialization and Paragon

  • Specialization: Focus on Combo Points to generate and consume combo points efficiently, maximizing the power of your core skills, especially Barrage.
  • Paragon: Refer to the D4 Builds guide for a comprehensive breakdown of the Paragon board. Key glyphs include Combat, Exploit, Control, Cutting Stratagem, Tricks of the Trade, and No Witnesses.



The buffed Barrage build in Diablo 4 offers a fresh take on this underutilized skill. While it leans towards a melee playstyle, it provides excellent damage output and versatility. With the right gear, specialization, Paragon points, and playstyle, you can unleash devastating attacks on enemies. Experiment, optimize, and enjoy the satisfaction of obliterating your foes with this powerful Barrage build. 

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