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OSRS Obtaining the Dragon Platebody and Dragon Chainbody Guides

This guide will focus on obtaining the final pieces needed to complete the iconic Dragon Platebody and Dragon Chainbody in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). We will cover the necessary steps and strategies to acquire these highly sought-after items. Let's dive in!

OSRS Obtaining the Dragon Platebody and Dragon Chainbody Guides


Part 1: Rune Dragons and the Dragon Metal Lump

To begin, we spent considerable time at the Rune dragons hunting for the dragon metal lump. we managed to accumulate a significant amount of OSRS GP during the process.


Part 2: The Dragon Metal Shard and the Dragon Chainbody

Now that we have obtained the dragon metal lump, our attention shifts to acquiring the last two remaining pieces required for the Dragon Platebody. The dragon metal shard can be easily purchased from the Grand Exchange.


However, the iconic Dragon Chainbody requires a different approach. We need to face a boss known as the Cow Fight Queen. In the past, this boss has proven to be challenging, but today might be different. We'll need a suitable weapon for this fight.


Part 3: Selecting the Right Weapon

Initially, we were excited to try out the Inquisitor's Mace, but after consulting the wiki, we discovered that there are better options available. The Charis Partisan and the Scythe outclass the mace, but they come with a higher price tag. As a result, we decide to stick with the Karis Partisan, which is still superior to the mace.


Part 4: Facing the Cow Fight Queen

Equipped with the Karis Partisan, we venture into the lair of the Cow Fight Queen. It has been a while since our last encounter, and we are equipped with upgraded gear, such as the Infernal Cape and Masori for ranged attacks. We also use Dragon darts for faster kills.


Part 5: The Grind for the Dragon Chainbody

While our primary goal is to obtain the Dragon Chainbody, the drop rate is 1 in 128, making it quite rare. However, armed with our newly selected weapon, we embark on the grind, expecting to finish it today.


Part 6: Unexpected Drops and Frustrations

Throughout the grind, we encounter unexpected drops such as multiple KQ heads, a Jar of Sand, and even Dragon Pickaxes. While these drops are valuable, our main focus remains on obtaining the Dragon Chainbody.


Part 7: Persistence Pays Off

After a total of 249 kills, we finally achieve success. The Dragon Chainbody drops, completing our collection. Despite taking longer than the expected drop rate, we remain satisfied with our progress.


Part 8: Crafting the Dragon Platebody

With the Dragon Chainbody in our possession, we proceed to craft the Dragon Platebody. However, it's essential to note that we need to travel to a specific location, such as the Lithkren Dungeon, to utilize the three-way anvil. We successfully craft the Dragon Platebody and admire its appearance.



Obtaining the Dragon Chainbody and Dragon Platebody in OSRS requires dedication and perseverance. While the drop rates may test your patience, the feeling of finally completing these iconic pieces of armor is immensely satisfying. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, you too can accomplish this challenging task.

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