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RuneScape Potions High-Level Gold-Making Guide: Maximize profits and efficiency

In this guide, we will explore three profitable Runescape potions that can generate significant wealth in a short amount of time. We will also discuss essential items that maximize your profits and efficiency. By following these methods, you can earn substantial amounts of RS gold while gaining valuable Herblore experience. Let's dive right in!

RuneScape Potions High-Level Gold-Making Guide: Maximize profits and efficiency


Essential Items

Before we begin, there are a few items that I consider essential, especially for higher-level potion making.

These items include:

  • Portable Well: This non-negotiable item significantly increases your profit per hour. It provides a bonus when making potions, allowing you to save more resources and make extra Gold.
  • Modified Botanist's Mask: You can purchase this item from the Flash Powder Factory. The mask offers a 5% chance of producing an extra potion, which stacks with the portable well bonus. This extra potion can boost your profits substantially.
  • Brooch of the Gods: This inexpensive item enhances your potion-making process. It provides a 5% chance to activate the portable well's charge, saving you more resources. Additionally, it increases the chances of saving secondary ingredients. Considering the expensive secondaries required for some potions, this item proves invaluable.
  • Scroll of Cleansing: Obtainable with Engineering tokens (approximately 10,000 to 20,000 tokens), this item significantly reduces the number of ingredients needed to make potions. It works in conjunction with the other mentioned items to maximize your savings and profits.


Potions for Profit

Now, let's focus on the three potions that yield substantial profits: Aggression Potions, Super Saradomin Brews, and Super Strength Potions.


- Aggression Potions

Aggression Potions are highly profitable and provide 462,000 Herblore experience per hour. The wiki estimates a profit of around 31.5 million gold per hour. It is recommended to convert these potions into 4-dose flasks for additional profit. However, always check the margins to ensure the price is suitable before committing to this conversion.


- Super Saradomin Brews

Super Saradomin Brews can earn you approximately 27.2 million gold per hour and provide 508,000 Herblore experience. Similar to Aggression Potions, you can convert them into flasks for added profits. Remember to consider the impact of essential items on the profit margins when determining the final price.


- Super Strength Potions

Super Strength Potions offer a profit of around 16.6 million gold per hour. While making these potions, ensure you sell them as 4-dose potions. However, it is vital to check the market margins to confirm the selling price before investing heavily in this method.


Maximizing Profit

To achieve the highest profits, it is crucial to utilize the essential items we mentioned earlier. 

Here's a breakdown of how these items affect your earnings:

  • Botanist's Mask: Costs around 10,000 gold for five charges. It saves you approximately 2 million gold per hour.
  • Modified Botanist's Mask: Provides an 8 million gold increase in profit per hour, making it worthwhile to invest time in acquiring it.
  • Brooch of the Gods: While it costs around 160 million gold, it brings in an additional 7.5 million gold per hour.
  • Scroll of Cleansing: Saves you 15 million gold per hour.
  • Portable Well: This item saves you 7.5 million gold per hour.


By utilizing these essential items, you can increase your profits significantly and minimize expenses, resulting in optimal wealth accumulation.



In this guide, we've explored three profitable potions in RuneScape: Aggression Potions, Super Saradomin Brews, and Super Strength Potions. We've discussed the importance of essential items like the Portable Well, Modified Botanist's Mask, Brooch of the Gods, and Scroll of Cleansing. These items enhance your profits and efficiency while saving resources. By following the methods outlined in this guide, you can make substantial amounts of gold and gain valuable Herblore experience. Always stay updated on market prices and margins to maximize your profits. Happy potion making and wealth accumulation in RuneScape!

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