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WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5 Before Arrives: Essential Preparations, Important Things, and Tasks

Patch 10.1.5 for the Dragonflight expansion is approaching, and it's essential to prepare and make the most of your time before the update. This guide will outline the key tasks you should prioritize before the patch arrives, as well as highlight activities that may be outside your time. By following these recommendations, you can maximize your efficiency and readiness for the upcoming patch.


WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5 Before Arrives: Essential Preparations, Important Things, and Tasks


Replace Your Onyx Annulet

Before Patch 10.1.5 rolls around, it is crucial to find a replacement for the Onyx Annulet ring. The ring is receiving significant nerfs, reducing its effectiveness for many classes and specs. Although some buffs will compensate for the loss, it's still advisable to have a backup ring ready. Find a higher item level, an appropriate piece of gear to replace the Onyx Annulet and be prepared to swap it out when the nerfs take effect.


Hold Onto Gear in the 441-444 Item Level Range

If you currently possess gear with item levels ranging from 441 to 444, it's recommended to hold onto them. In Patch 10.1.5, these items will automatically become part of the new Myth Track, allowing you to upgrade them to a maximum item level of 447. This makes them valuable and potentially some of your best items. Whether they are class trinkets, special raid gear, or rewards from the weekly vault, retaining gear within this item level range will be advantageous in the new patch.


Myth Track Explained

Understanding the Mythic Track is crucial for maximizing your gear upgrades in Patch 10.1.5. Aspect Crafts are required to upgrade gear, and the same account-wide discounts for upgrades will apply to the new track. This means that upgrading alts' gear will be cheaper and easier, as well as upgrading multiple pieces of gear within the same slot. Running Mythic+ dungeons will be especially valuable, with +16 keys providing 441 rewards in the weekly vault that can be upgraded to 447. This makes +16 keys a viable alternative to +20 keys for maximizing rewards and gear upgrades.


Track Down Your Old Gold

After Patch 10.1.5 goes live, you will be able to trade gold and items across servers with seemingly no restrictions. This presents an opportunity to consolidate your gold from different servers onto your main server. Additionally, you can transfer any rare or valuable items that you've been holding onto. Take the time to search through your old servers and gather all your gold on one character. This change also simplifies server transfers in the future, as you can easily trade all your gold and important items to a different server without purchasing a transfer.


Level Up Your Alts

Take advantage of the ongoing event with a 50% increase in experience gains to level up your alts. This event, which coincides with the release of Diablo 4, provides the fastest and easiest levelling experience in the Dragonflight expansion. If there are any classes you've been meaning to try out but haven't levelled yet, now is the ideal time to do so. The Darkmoon Faire, running from July 2nd to July 8th, also offers a 10% experience bonus to speed up the levelling process further.


Get Your Evokers Ready

Prepare to level up or get ready to switch to the new specialization for Evokers in Patch 10.1.5. The new specialization, Augmentation, focuses on buffing allies rather than dealing damage. It offers various buffs such as increased armour for tanks, extended range and casting while moving for healers, and even a talent allowing teleportation between you and a target within 100 yards. Augmentation is expected to be powerful, possibly even a required spec in raids, but its true potential will depend on tuning and development throughout the season. If you're interested in trying out Augmentation, ensure your Evoker is ready to switch over when the patch arrives.


Catch Up with Renown

Take advantage of the ongoing event's 50% reputation gains bonus to catch up on your renown if you've been neglecting it. While the bonus excludes the most recent faction for Dragonflight, it accelerates progress through the renowned track for unlocking cosmetics and accessing story quests locked behind higher renown levels.


Don't Worry About Gearing Up

While levelling up your alts is a great idea at the moment, you can focus on gearing them up later. Patch 10.1.5 introduces various content that offers new avenues for gearing up, making it quick and easy to obtain high-item level gear. The new time rift world event provides vendors who offer item level 402 gear for dilated time capsules and paracord flakes. Acquiring paracord flakes is relatively simple, and for each dilated time capsule you obtain, you can purchase a piece of 402 gear. This gear can be upgraded up to item level 424, making it a valuable catch-up gear for your alts. Additionally, powerful trinkets available from the time rift vendors can significantly boost your character's performance. Though the trinkets are a bit more expensive, they are well worth the investment, especially for new characters.


Furthermore, the new mega-dungeon in patch 10.1.5 offers high item-level gear (437) without the need for raiding or mythic-plus dungeons. The dungeon drops gear that can be upgraded to the maximum item level of 441, and some items have special effects that make them even more potent than similar item-level rewards. While obtaining gear from the mega-dungeon might be more challenging than the time rift outdoor content, it provides substantial upgrades. Keep in mind that the mega-dungeon will initially be available only on mythic mode, but it will later be released on heroic mode in patch 10.1.7, offering another opportunity to gear up your alts. With so many gearing options coming in the new patch, it's best to hold off on gearing up your characters until then.


Don't Worry About Allied Races

Unlocking allied races can be time-consuming due to various requirements, such as completing quests or earning achievements. However, in patch 10.1.5, all these requirements will be removed except for the minimum character level requirement. Once you meet the level requirement, you'll be able to create any allied race, regardless of whether you've completed the associated quests or achievements. This change allows everyone to access and enjoy allied races without the previous restrictions. Therefore, there's no need to spend time working on these requirements before the patch goes live.


Don't Waste Your Gold on Riding Skills

Currently, as you level up, it's advisable to purchase faster riding skills, including the master flying skill, to expedite your travel. However, in patch 10.1.5, levelling and riding skills undergo significant changes. Instead of visiting a trainer and spending gold, riding skills will be passively learned as you level up. You will automatically obtain apprentice riding at level 10, journeyman riding at level 20, expert riding at level 30, and master riding at level 40. Therefore, once you reach level 40, you will receive master riding for free, saving you 5,000 gold per character. Hold off on purchasing riding or flying skills for new characters, as they will acquire them naturally while levelling up after the patch goes live.



Preparing for Patch 10.1.5 involves several important tasks that will help you make the most of the upcoming content. Replace your Onyx Annulet ring, hold onto gear in the 441-444 item level range, understand the Myth Track for efficient gear upgrades, track down old gold and items, level up your alts during the experience bonus event, get your Evokers ready for the new specialization, and catch up with renown using the reputation gains bonus. By following these guidelines, you'll be well-prepared for the patch and able to enjoy the new content to the fullest.

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