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Runescape Dragons Guide: Farming Gold with Rune and Adamant Dragon

In this guide, we'll explore a lucrative method of making Gold in RuneScape by killing two powerful monsters: Rune Dragons and Adamant Dragons. We will focus on using ranged combat, which offers significant advantages due to the mechanics of these creatures. Before diving into the battles, we'll discuss the necessary preparation and equipment required to make the most out of these profitable encounters.

Runescape Dragons Guide: Farming Gold with Rune and Adamant Dragon



To effectively take on Rune and Adamant Dragons, you'll need Dragon Bane ammunition. Create Dragon Bane Bay Knight arrows or bolts, and make sure they are arrow-tipped. Additionally, prepare some headless arrows. The Dragon Bane ammunition is essential for effectively dealing with these dragons, especially during the initial phases.


Creating Dragon Bane Ammo

  • Obtain a set of dragon bones.
  • Use the Lunars spell "Tune Bane Ore" (requires 87 Magic, 2 Astral and 10 Earth runes) on the bay knight ammunition.
  • Click the tuned bay knight ammo onto the dragon bones to create Dragon Bane ammunition.


Killing Rune and Adamant Dragons

Rune Dragons are the primary target for profit, yielding valuable hardened dragon bones (worth over 100k each) and other valuable drops. Adamant Dragons also provide profit through reinforced dragon bones (valued around 70k each). You can find these dragons in certain areas, like QBD and Frost Dragons, but the best profits come from targeting Rune and Adamant Dragons.


Mechanics and Tips

  • Dragon Bane Ammo: Dragon Bane ammunition is crucial as it deals extra damage to dragons, significantly boosting your kill speed.
  • Anima-Based Arrows: Jazz Dragon Bane arrows provide a substantial damage boost and increased hit chance. They are a worthwhile investment, enhancing your overall performance.
  • Ability Usage: Utilize abilities efficiently to preserve ammunition and minimize costs.
  • Dragonfire and Wormfire Immunity: Use potions or other items to protect yourself from these attacks.
  • Phase 2 and 3: Be prepared for the airborne phases of the dragons. Range attacks will be your primary focus during these stages.


Kill Strategy

  • Phase 1: Target the armored areas with Dragon Bane ammunition.
  • Phase 2: The dragon will fly in the air; use ranged attacks during this phase.
  • Phase 3: The dragon enrages, requiring significant DPS to overcome. Maintain high damage output.


Profit Calculation

Rune Dragons offer valuable rewards, including reinforced dragon bones, small plated salvage, and rare drops like Steadfast scales (worth 13m). A typical task of 71 Rune Dragons can yield over 22.7 million Runescape GP in profit. This makes Rune Dragons a highly profitable Slayer task, even beyond the needs of necromancy.



Killing Rune and Adamant Dragons with ranged combat is a lucrative venture in RuneScape, providing substantial profits through valuable drops. The Dragon Bane ammunition, along with a well-prepared setup, will allow you to tackle these beasts efficiently. Whether you're pursuing necromancy or simply looking for a money-making task, Rune Dragons are an excellent addition to your Slayer rotation. With some practice and good gear, you'll be well on your way to earning substantial profits from these fearsome dragons.

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