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Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon Guide: Choosing the Right Tier and Sigil Level

In Diablo 4, Nightmare dungeons will consume a significant portion of your gameplay. However, it's crucial to understand which dungeons are appropriate for your character and what sigil tier is necessary to maximize your efficiency. In this guide, we will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions regarding Nightmare dungeons.

Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon Guide: Choosing the Right Tier and Sigil Level


Determining the Appropriate Tier and Sigil Level

The question of which tier of Nightmare dungeon to tackle and at what sigil level can be answered quite simply. Let's take Sigil level one, for example. To determine the level at which you should attempt Sigil one, add 50 to the Sigil level. For instance, if you are at level 50, you should aim to enter World Tier 3 and start with Sigil one. There are multiple reasons for this approach.


Firstly, when enemies are three to four levels higher than you, you gain optimal experience. There is no additional experience gained if your enemies are eight or ten levels higher. By facing enemies three to four levels higher, you gain the most experience, and you can clear the dungeon faster.


Unlocking Nightmare Sigil 31

Reaching Nightmare Sigil 31 becomes crucial if you aim to acquire items like the Grandfather or Shaco, which require enemies at level 85 or higher to drop. Ideally, you should aim to consistently clear Nightmare Sigil 30 dungeons efficiently and quickly. By the time you reach Nightmare Sigil 31, your character should be around level 81. Realistically, you don't need to tackle Nightmare dungeons above Sigil 31 until you reach level 82 or 85.


Choosing the Right Tier for Efficient Farming

Once you enter World Tier 4, around level 60, you can start farming Nightmare dungeons for gear upgrades. It becomes interesting when considering tier 20 dungeons. Technically, you should be at level 70 to handle tier 20 dungeons effectively. However, from level 60 onward, you can already be in World Tier 4.


When choosing between tier 10 and tier 20 dungeons, consider the power level of your character. If your level 60 character can clear tier 20 dungeons as fast as tier 10 dungeons, opt for tier 20. This decision allows you to gain more glyphic speed, which is the second benefit of Nightmare dungeons. Nightmare dungeons not only provide loot and experience, but they also grant experience to your glyphs. The glyphic XP reward for each tier increases by 2, starting from tier 1. For instance, a tier 10 dungeon awards 22 glyphic XP, while a tier 20 dungeon grants 42 glyphic XP when you are level 60.


Remember that the appropriate level for a dungeon is essential, but there are other factors to consider, such as the rarity of unique items like the Grandfather and Shaco, which require level 85+ enemies to drop. As soon as you can handle Nightmare dungeons above Sigil 31 consistently and efficiently, you have no further need to attempt dungeons beyond that level. Realistically, you don't need to exceed Nightmare tier 50, as opponents beyond that point do not offer better loot.


Other Considerations and Rewards

It's important to note that higher Nightmare tiers do not provide better loot once you enter World Tier 4 and reach level 73 or higher. You will already have the chance to drop 800+ items by that point. For example, a level 65 character can drop an 800+ weapon. Therefore, even a level 85 character can farm the same gear as a level 100 character. However, the leveled character can continue to gain levels, which may still matter for their progression.


While Nightmare dungeons have a higher chance to drop ancestral items and Diablo 4 Gold, the difference is not clearly defined. The increased chance could be around 10% to 20%. Additionally, the end-of-dungeon rewards do not improve with higher Nightmare tiers. However, it's worth noting that unique items can drop as rewards at the end of Nightmare dungeons. If you can clear Nightmare dungeons quickly and efficiently, running them in succession can yield numerous unique items.



In summary, it's crucial to farm Nightmare dungeons appropriately in Diablo 4. Focus on dungeons that are level-appropriate and provide optimal experience gain. Aim to reach Nightmare Sigil 31 as soon as possible to unlock the potential for rare drops. Once you reach World Tier 4, consider your character's power level to determine the appropriate tier. Remember that higher Nightmare tiers do not offer better loot, and there is no need to exceed Nightmare tier 50.

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