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ESO All PVE Classes Tier List: Dungeons, Trials, and Solo Arenas

In this guide, we will discuss the PvE tier list for classes in The Elder Scrolls Online. We will cover all roles, including tanks, healers, and DPS, and evaluate their performance in different content categories. Keep in mind that this tier list is based on the we opinion and experience, and it may vary depending on your playstyle and preferences.


ESO All PVE Classes Tier List: Dungeons, Trials, and Solo Arenas


For Beginners and Overland

For new players, class choice is less crucial than it is in endgame content. Every class is considered viable for beginners, and you can go right with any choice. It is recommended to try out different classes and find the one that suits your playstyle and aesthetics. Each class has its own unique mechanics and abilities, so explore them to see what resonates with you.

ESO For Beginners and Overland PvE Classes Tier List Screenshot


4 Player Dungeon Content

For 4 Player dungeon content, all classes are viable, and players should choose based on personal preference and playstyle. However, some classes may be more comfortable or offer better utility for players getting into veteran dungeons or harder content. The tier list for comfort in 4 player dungeons is as follows:

  • S Tier: Dragonknight, Templar, Sorcerer, Warden
  • A Tier: Nightblade, Necromancer

Classes like Dragonknight and Templar are considered top-tier due to their versatility and utility. Nightblade and Necromancer may require more attention to mechanics and may need to be more friendly for new players.


Dungeon Tanks

ESO Dungeon Tanks PvE Classes Tier List Screenshot

When it comes to tanking in dungeons, there are certain classes that excel in this role. The top choices for dungeon tanking are currently the Dragonknight (DK) and the Arcanist. Let's take a closer look at each class:

  • Dragonknight (DK): The DK is a great choice for tanking in all stages of the game. It offers good sustain and tankiness, making it a reliable option for dungeon tanking.
  • Arcanist: The Arcanist is also a solid choice for dungeon tanking. It provides substantial sustain and durability, making it an effective tank in most situations.
  • Necromancer and Warden: The Necromancer and Warden are viable choices for dungeon tanking, but they are slightly below the DK and Arcanist in terms of effectiveness. They still offer unique abilities and playstyles that can be enjoyable for tanking.
  • Templar and Sorcerer: The Templar and Sorcerer are not recommended for dungeon tanking. They need a higher level of comfort and efficiency than the DK or Arcanist, and their abilities are better suited for other roles.


Trial Tanks

ESO Trial Tanks PvE Classes Tier List Screenshot

When it comes to tanking trials, which are more challenging group content, the top choices are the Dragonknight and the Necromancer. Here's an overview of their strengths:

  • Dragonknight (DK): The DK is particularly effective in trial tanking. Its toolkit offers good survivability and control, making it a reliable choice for tanking in various trials.
  • Necromancer: The Necromancer is also a strong choice for trial tanking, especially in specific content like Dread Cellar and Reef. Its dot mitigation and Wraith synergy abilities shine in these scenarios.
  • Arcanist: The Arcanist can still be a decent option for trial tanking, although it may need to be established as the DK or Necromancer. It offers unique utility and can be effective in certain trials.
  • Warden: While the Warden is generally considered better as a healer, it can still be effective as a trial tank. Its versatile toolkit provides some unique support options for the group.
  • Sorcerer and Nightblade: The Sorcerer is niche and mainly used for specific in-game content. The Nightblade, while capable of tanking, is less strong than the DK for trial tanking.


Dungeon Healers

ESO Dungeeon Healer PvE Classes Tier List Screenshot

When it comes to healing in dungeons, most classes perform well, but some offer more efficiency and comfort. Here's an overview of the healing classes:

  • Dragonknight (DK): The DK is a strong option for healing, especially in 12-man content. However, it may require the group to move around less due to the stationary nature of its main healing skill, Cinder Storm.
  • Templar: The Templar is an excellent choice for dungeon healing. It provides strong AoE healing through skills like Ritual and offers great support to the group.
  • Arcanist: The Arcanist's healing capabilities often need to be understood. It focuses more on shielding rather than raw healing power, making it a solid option for 4 player content.
  • Necromancer: The Necromancer can heal effectively, with some similarities to the DK's healing challenges. Both classes require proper positioning to maximize their healing abilities.
  • Nightblade: Nightblade healing is bursty and can be effective. However, in ESO, healing isn't just about raw healing output, and other support skills play a crucial role.
  • Warden: The Warden is highly regarded as a top healer for both 4 player and 12-man content. Its versatile toolkit provides a wide range of healing and support options.


Trial Healers

ESO Trial Healers PvE Classes Tier List Screenshot

In trials, healers play a crucial role in keeping the group alive and providing support. While the Necromancer class can work in some situations, it's not commonly seen as a primary healer in endgame content. The following classes are recommended for healing in trials:

  • Warden: Considered top-tier due to its versatile healing abilities.
  • Templar: Another strong choice with powerful healing skills.
  • Sorcerer: Can be effective in certain compositions.
  • Nightblade: This can be viable depending on the group composition.


Note that Dragonknight and Arcanist are not typically preferred as healers in trials due to their limited healing capabilities.


Dungeon DPS

ESO Dungeon DPS PvE Classes Tier List Screenshot

When it comes to 4 player content like dungeons, DPS classes have the primary role of dealing with damage efficiently. Here's a tier list for DPS classes in dungeons:

  • Dragonknight: Currently considered the best DPS class for dungeons.
  • Sorcerer: Offers excellent damage output and versatility.
  • Warden: Can perform well but may require more experience.
  • Templar: Solid choice but may have some sustained issues.
  • Nightblade: Viable option depends on the group composition.
  • Arcanist: Can be effective in the hands of experienced players.
  • Necromancer: Can contribute with damage and utility but is not top-tier.
  • Others (not mentioned): Generally not recommended for DPS in dungeons.


Solo Arena DPS

ESO Solo Arena DPS PvE Classes Tier List Screenshot

For solo arenas like Maelstrom Arena and Vateshran Hollows, survivability and damage output are crucial. Here's the tier list for solo arena DPS classes:

  • Dragonknight: Considered strong due to its damage and survivability.
  • Templar: Offers good damage and self-sustain capabilities.
  • Sorcerer: Can perform well in solo arenas with the right build and playstyle.
  • Warden: Viable option, but mechanics knowledge is essential.
  • Nightblade: This can be effective but requires familiarity with mechanics.
  • Arcanist: Can work, but understanding mechanics is crucial.
  • Necromancer: Viable with the right build and mechanics knowledge.


Trial DPS

ESO Trial DPS PvE Classes Tier List Screenshot

In 12-man trial content, DPS classes play a significant role in dealing damage to bosses and enemies. Here's the tier list for DPS classes in trials:

  • Dragonknight: Currently considered the best DPS class for trials.
  • Templar: Offers strong damage output and utility.
  • Arcanist: This can be comparable to Dragonknight in some fights.
  • Sorcerer: Can provide competitive damage output if played well.
  • Warden: While viable, there may be better options for min-maxing.
  • Necromancer: Provides utility and buffs/debuffs for the group.
  • Nightblade: Generally not recommended for trial DPS.



These tier lists are not absolute, and personal playstyle, skill, and group composition can influence class choices. It's important to find a class that suits your preferred playstyle and enjoy the game. Experimenting with different classes and builds can also help you find what works best for you.

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