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Old School RuneScape Sailing Skill Guide: Exploring the Rewards

Welcome back to our comprehensive guide on the Sailing skill in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). In our previous articles, we covered the basics of navigation and gameplay mechanics. Today, we'll delve into the exciting rewards that await those who embark on the Sailing skill journey. We'll explore how the skill integrates with existing skills and the purpose it serves in the game. Please note that the rewards mentioned here are subject to change, and their details will be finalized in collaboration with the community.

Old School RuneScape Sailing Skill Guide: Exploring the Rewards


Points of Interest

Sailing is all about the spirit of discovery, and points of interest play a crucial role in fulfilling this desire. These points encompass various in-world features that become accessible as you progress through the skill. They include untamed islands, abundant resources, encounters with lost civilizations, and battles against exotic monsters. Each point of interest offers a unique and tailor-made experience, accompanied by specific rewards.


For example, imagine stumbling upon the Great Conch, a hidden island inhabited by Turtle Folk. To unlock this island, you'll need to reach level 36 in Sailing and complete a special port task that involves investigating a shipwreck in Corsair Cove. By helping Flupa, an injured Turtle Folk, on her quest to return home and restore her village, you'll gain access to the Great Conch. This newly explored area will offer valuable resources like Rosewood trees, which can be used to upgrade your ship's mast and hull. Additionally, you'll encounter the Griffin, a new Slayer monster, and learn a unique Fletching technique from the Turtle Folk. This example highlights the diverse possibilities for new islands and rewards in the Sailing skill.


Development Approach

The development team aims to offer a range of points of interest, varying in size and complexity, to ensure an immersive experience. However, the primary focus is on launching a complete skill while allowing room for growth in the future. The team also wants to open up a conversation regarding soft-locking certain points of interest. This approach would allow players to access these areas by joining another player's ship or purchasing teleport jewelry from those who have already unlocked them. Such gameplay mechanics can introduce new economic opportunities and encourage player interaction.


Resource Discoveries

Sailing not only presents exciting adventures but also introduces new resources that can be found both at points of interest and through sailing activities. While the specific details are still being refined, here are some examples of the resources players may encounter:


External Rewards

  • Precious gems like Agate, Garnet, and Aquamarine, suitable for crafting new jewelry.
  • Paddock Blue Tang and Sunfish, used as Hunter bait and cookable food.
  • Alcorn, Pillar, and Umber Coral, used to create potions, ammunition, and armor.


Internal Rewards

  • New wood types such as Larch, Cedar, and Rosewood, enhancing your ship's mast and hull.
  • New fibers like Hemp and Cotton, used for crafting better sails.
  • Leading Cobalt, enabling the construction of cannons and weighted dredging nets.

These examples illustrate how Sailing not only introduces new items but also revitalizes existing skills. Gathering skills like Fishing, Mining, and Farming will find new purposes as they interact with unique raw resources. Crafting, Smithing, and Construction will also play integral roles in ship upgrades and the creation of various ship facilities.


Activity-Specific Rewards

Sailing encompasses several activities, each offering its own set of rewards.

Let's briefly explore some of these activities outlined in the core gameplay blog:

  • Shipwreck Salvaging: Engage in salvaging shipwrecks to obtain a wide variety of resources, including rare salvage items like armor pieces, gems, or legendary treasures. Completing tasks will also reward you with GP and exotic resources, essential for constructing better facilities.
  • Barracuda Trials: Overcome challenges and defeat the champion of each trial to unlock milestones. For example, Aqua Sail schematics remove speed penalties when sailing against the wind.
  • Charting the Sea: This completion-style activity focuses on cosmetic rewards. Fully mapping each area grants you new Player-Owned House (POH) styles.
  • Naval Combat: Engage in battles against pirates and sea monsters, which yield a broad array of rewards. Pirate ships offer quick loot for OSRS gold, while sea monsters drop valuable resources like hides, fangs, and scales, ideal for ship upgrades, weapons, and armor.


Secondary Activities

Apart from the core activities, Sailing introduces several secondary activities that provide unique rewards:

  • Deep Sea Trawling: Explore the depths of the sea and discover new fish types.
  • Mineral Dredging: Engage in dredging to obtain leading Cobalt oars and other valuable treasures.
  • Sea Monster Hunting: Battle powerful sea monsters, earning powerful unique items and legendary ship components.
  • Coral Farming: Cultivate Coral to create teleportation jewelry, special stat bonuses for Coral armor at sea, and sailing-boosting potions.


Progression Schemes

Ship customization and progression play vital roles in the Sailing skill. Upgrading different aspects of your vessel, such as hull, sails, and rudders, enhances its performance and capabilities. Ship facilities like cooking stations, salvaging hooks, and dredge nets can be improved as well. For example, cannons, ballistas, and rams are essential weapons for naval combat. Smithable cannonballs ranging from steel to dragon provide different levels of firepower. Additionally, NPC crewmates can assist in managing ship facilities, ensuring smooth sailing.


Ship Locations

Your ship will remain where you last left it, whether stored at a port or teleported away. However, port services and the Magic skill offer alternatives for quick access. You can teleport directly to your ship, bring your ship to the nearest port, or even carry your boat in a ship-in-a-bottle, allowing you to transport it wherever you go.



In this article, we explored the exciting rewards awaiting players who venture into the Sailing skill in OSRS. The skill's integration with existing skills breathes new life into gathering, crafting, and construction activities. We discussed points of interest, activity-specific rewards, and secondary activities, each providing a unique and fulfilling experience. Ship customization, NPC crewmates, and ship locations add depth to the skill's progression system.

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