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Runescape Gold Farming Guide: Slaying Addy Dragons

In this Runescape guide, we will explore the task of slaying Addy Dragons for profit. While not as lucrative as other dragon types like Maroon or Rune dragons, Addy Dragons can still provide a decent amount of Runescape Gold, especially for lower-level players. We will discuss the recommended gear, strategies, locations for slaying Addy Dragons, potential drops, and their market value.



Runescape Gold Farming Guide: Slaying Addy Dragons


Gear Setup and Preparation

To slay Addy Dragons efficiently, it is recommended to use Mage as they are weak to it. However, you can also use Range if desired.

Here's a suggested gear setup:

  • Weapon: Dragon Bane ammunition (range) or Dragon Bane spells (mage)
  • Armor: Best available equipment for your combat style
  • Amulet: Salve amulet (e) or better
  • Cape: Max Cape or Ardougne Max Cape
  • Inventory: Overload potion, prayer potions, food, and Addy additional supplies you prefer



Addy Dragons can be found in the Brimhaven Dungeon, near the Steel and Iron Dragons. You will need to pass through Fire Dragons, Black Dragons, and Iron/Steel Dragons to reach them. The dungeon has an entrance located in Brimhaven, and once inside, head to the Adamant Dragon area.


Slaying Addy Dragons

  • Once you reach the Addy Dragon area, make sure to activate your prayers based on your combat style (Range or Mage).
  • Engage the dragons and start attacking them. Keep your distance if using Range and get within melee range if using Mage.
  • Maintain your health and prayer points by using appropriate potions and food.
  • Addy Dragons can switch combat styles, so be prepared to switch prayers accordingly.
  • If you have access to trinkets like Metallic Dragon Trinkets or Shredding Kits, they can enhance your Slayer XP or teleport you to Metallic Dragon locations, respectively.
  • Addy Dragons drop their bones and various other items, which we'll discuss further.


Drops and Profit

Addy Dragons drop various items, including Addy Plates, Addy Salvage, and Dragon Bones.

While their regular drops may not be as valuable as other dragon types, they can still add up over time.

Here's an overview of the drops and their potential Gold:

Addy Plates and Addy Salvage: These can be obtained as additional drops alongside the bones. Collect and sell them for additional Gold.

Dragon Bones: These bones are the primary source of profit when slaying Addy Dragons. They can be sold on the Grand Exchange. Check the market price to determine their current value.



Slaying Addy Dragons in Runescape can be a profitable task, especially for lower-level players. While they may not offer the same profit as Maroon or Rune dragons, their bones can still fetch a decent price. Use the recommended gear setup and strategies mentioned in this guide to maximize your kills and profit. Keep an eye on the market prices for Dragon Bones to ensure you sell them at the right time. Happy dragon slaying!

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