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RuneScape Bosses Guide: Less Profit in Farming Gold Coins

In the ever-evolving world of RuneScape, some bosses and content eventually lose their relevance in terms of profitability. While these bosses may still hold value for other purposes, this article will focus on their diminished profit potential. We will explore three bosses that have become less lucrative in terms of making Runescape Gold Coins. Please note that this discussion is solely based on the perspective of profit and not other aspects, such as completing logs, obtaining pets, or playing as an Iron Man.

RuneScape Bosses Guide: Less Profit in Farming Gold Coins


Ascension Dungeon and the Decline of Ascension Crossbows

The Ascension Dungeon offers an opportunity to obtain an Ascension crossbow. To acquire this powerful weapon, players must face various bosses within the dungeon and hope for their unique drops, which combine to create the crossbow. However, the demand for Ascension crossbows has decreased in recent times due to the current meta favoring bows over crossbows, especially with the introduction of the elder god arrows. Consequently, the value of these crossbows has declined.


The main issue with this boss lies in the fact that players need to use a key to access each boss fight, which hinders profit potential. The cost of these keys varies, with the lowest priced at around 166,000 coins and the most expensive at 613K coins. On average, it takes approximately 50 keys to obtain all the required pieces for an Ascension crossbow. Considering the slim profit margin of around 1.4 million GP for a main hand crossbow, the risk of losing Gold Coins outweighs the potential gains. Going over a few keystones can wipe out any profit earned, making this boss less advisable for profit-oriented players.


The Magister: A Costly Pursuit

The Magister presents another challenge for profit-seeking players. To face this boss, players need a key to the crossing, which currently costs around 716,000 GP per kill. The Magister's sought-after drops include the tier 92 melee weapons called the copeshes and vital sparks, which were once profitable. However, the high cost of fighting this boss makes it challenging to turn a profit.


To craft a copesh, players must obtain a flacrity and 300 scraps of scripture. The drop rate for a flacrity is approximately 1 in 17 with dwarves or 1 in 18 without. With an average of 10 scraps of scripture per flacrity, players would need around 510 keys, amounting to approximately 357 million GP, just to make a copesh. Considering the additional cost of the lower tier copesh required for crafting, it becomes clear that profitability is unlikely. According to estimations, players may lose around 10.4 to 13.4 million GP per hour when engaging with the Magister, depending on the chosen killing method. Thus, the Magister is not a recommended boss for profit.


The Kalphite King: Not the Best for Profit

The Kalphite King, a boss that has been around since 2013, drops tier 90 melee weaponry known as dragos. While these weapons still hold value, they may not provide the best profit potential. With a drop rate of approximately 1 in 256 for a specific dragor and 1 in 42 for any dragor drop, players would need to kill around 42 Kalphite Kings on average to obtain a drop. However, the other items in the drop table offer little value, except for the Onyx bolts, which amount to approximately 1.3 million GP for 200 bolts.


Despite its nostalgic charm and the possibility of obtaining the tier 90 Defender, the Kalphite King may not yield significant profits, especially for mid-level players. The boss's drop table consists mostly of low-value items like seeds and unnoted sharks, which are impractical to collect due to their quantity. While high-level players who can defeat the boss quickly may still manage to make around 20 million GP per hour, mid-level players may not find it worthwhile to pursue the Kalphite King for profit.



In conclusion, while RuneScape offers a vast array of bosses and content, some have become less profitable over time. We have examined three bosses—Ascension Dungeon, the Magister, and the Kalphite King—that no longer provide significant profit potential. Their respective drop rates, costs, and underwhelming returns make them less appealing for profit-oriented players. However, it's important to note that these bosses may still hold value for other purposes, such as completing logs, obtaining pets, or pursuing unique items.

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